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Continuous Compliance

Stay Audit-Ready and In Control

Achieve and prove endpoint compliance with internal and regulatory requirements

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Complete Data Privacy and Compliance

Evolving regulatory requirements demand constant attention. Privacy concerns push organizations to implement data governance — well beyond legal demands. You need to identify sensitive data, benchmark controls, and assess risks. And move quickly to restore protection when compliance drifts.

Only Absolute enables continuous device compliance. With active compliance checks, sensitive data discovery, and automated workflows to restore protections, Absolute keeps you audit-ready.

Benchmark your security posture and identify compliance shortfalls on any device

  • Measure your endpoint hygiene against security frameworks, internal guidelines, and regulatory standards
  • Pull dark endpoints out of the shadows and ensure compliance standards
  • Probe every device – on or off the corporate network – to pinpoint at-risk, sensitive data
  • Validate data protection and endpoint hygiene with automated commands to restore security
"Absolute helps us reduce our exposure to risk, keeping our patient data secure."
Kyle Duke | Chief Security Officer
Benchmark your security posture and identify compliance shortfalls on any endpoint
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Command airtight security policies from a single console

  • Orchestrate device security controls for antimalware, encryption, configurations, cloud storage apps, users, and data
  • Discover weaknesses and close the gaps to achieve compliance
  • Stay in lockstep with internal or regulatory standards, including CIS, COBIT, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, and more
"Once you see what Absolute can do, you don’t want to be without it."
Bijaya Devkota | Chief Information Officer

Test your security controls and see compliance outcomes before going global

  • Simulate rules, policies, and configurations to validate success on your evolving attack surface
  • Calibrate device controls and test alternatives to uncover compliance gaps
  • Quantify your risk with costs associated to overly permissive controls on devices and data exposures
  • Validate data protection for PII, PHI, PFI through ongoing, continuous benchmarking
"The safety of our information is very important. With Absolute, we are sure that our data is safe at all times."
Steve Williams | IT Operations Lead
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Detect changes to security controls and misconfigurations with ongoing compliance checks

  • Locate compliance failures – internal and regulatory – from a single, centralized console
  • See where controls have changed, security is disabled, or applications failed, with real-time alerts
  • Avoid compliance failures by tracking endpoints to prevent user error and criminal attempts to exfiltrate data
  • Confirm compliance at every moment with historical and auditable logs
"Absolute is the number one priority for our CIO. We’ve become much more effective at securing our healthcare data."
Janet Hunt | Senior Director, IT Quality & Support Services

Take action with automated workflows and forensic tools to restore compliance

  • Immediately respond and recover when devices are lost, stolen, or compromised
  • Contain compromised devices by isolating, freezing, wiping and removing data at-risk
  • Assess and restore device hygiene to eliminate exposures before they become exploits
  • Recover with persistent endpoint security that restores devices to your compliance and security intent
"I was really impressed with Absolute’s ability to see any device and monitor and prove encryption status.”
Corey Nelson| Manager, IT
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Features and Editions

Choose the edition that’s right for your organization. We would be happy to walk you through the options. Call us at 1-877-600-2295

Absolute Visibility

See all devices, on and off your network, and collect hundreds of hardware, software, security, usage, and geolocation data points automatically, including historical logs.
  • Self-healing, persistent connection to every device
  • Automated inventory, compliance checks, security status reports, and alerts
  • Device usage analytics

Absolute Control

Take remote action to remediate endpoint risks immediately, regardless of user or network status, based on the insights and alerts provided by our solution.
All Absolute Visibility features+
  • Remote device freeze with custom message
  • Selective and custom data delete, including full secure data wipe
  • Geofences to detect when any device leaves the authorized area

Absolute Resilience

Ensure application integrity, assess your data risk, protect your sensitive information, and gather precise insights or remediate endpoint vulnerabilities on demand or at scale.
All Absolute Control features +
  • Zero-touch remediation of your critical apps
  • Automated scans for at-risk, sensitive data
  • Custom query or remediation workflows, with confirmed execution

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