Absolute Security Sweeps G2 Leadership Rankings

June 13, 2024

Cyber Resilience Capabilities Earn High Praise from Enterprise Customers

SEATTLEAbsolute Security, a global leader in enterprise cyber resilience, today announced that G2, a customer-driven software review platform, named the company as a leader in its Spring Grid Reports for Zero Trust Networking and Endpoint Security. Absolute has continued to earn top positioning for four consecutive years, highlighting the company’s commitment to deliver innovative solutions that help organizations maintain security, compliance, and cyber resilience across their global business operations.

“Enterprises deploy millions of devices to connect their global remote and hybrid workforces to corporate networks and data. This opens their environments to ransomware and other threats that can cripple operations for prolonged periods,” said John Herrema, Chief Product Officer, Absolute Security. “Customers that activate our unique endpoint and network access security capabilities help ensure they are operating with minimum risk and the assurance that if disrupted by a successful attack, they will be able to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.”

In addition to ranking security vendors, G2 provides verified insights from customers that review solutions. Customers using the Secure Access ZTNA and Secure Endpoint product lines highlighted Absolute’s ability to:

  • Provide comprehensive and fully remote visibility and control over globally distributed PCs, ensuring they can always be located and protected against cyber and physical threats.

  • Achieve and maintain compliance with stringent internal standards and external regulations and frameworks spanning HIPAA, NIST, FERPA, and GDPR.

  • Apply Cyber Resilience to critical endpoint security applications, ensuring that defensive controls are operating as expected and with maximum efficiency.

  • Reduce risk related to remote and hybrid connections through an industry-leading, resilient ZTNA

  • Maintain always-on connectivity for expanding remote and hybrid workforces, delivering a secure and uninterrupted end-user experience.

  • Provide actionable insights that allow security and IT teams to optimize policies and applications for user experience, security, and compliance

To learn more about why customers place high-value on the Absolute deployments, download your copy of the G2 Endpoint Security and Zero Trust Networking reports.

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Absolute Security is partnered with more than 28 of the world’s leading endpoint device manufacturers, embedded in the firmware of 600 million devices, trusted by 21,000 global enterprises, and licensed across 16 million PC users. With the Absolute Security Cyber Resilience Platform integrated into their digital enterprise, customers ensure their mobile and hybrid workforces connect securely and seamlessly from anywhere in the world and that business operations recover quickly following cyber disruptions and attacks. Our award-winning capabilities have earned recognition and leadership status across multiple technology categories, including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Endpoint Security, Security Services Edge (SSE), Firmware-Embedded Persistence, Automated Security Control Assessment (ASCA), and Zero Trust Platforms. To learn more, visit www.absolute.com and follow us on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and YouTube.

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