Absolute Protects Patient Data and Supports HIPAA Compliance for Apria Healthcare

January 16, 2020

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – January 16, 2020 – To ensure the highest levels of endpoint security across more than 8,000 devices and to help achieve HIPAA compliance in the face of rising data breaches across the healthcare industry, Apria Healthcare leverages Absolute® (TSX: ABT), the leader in endpoint resilience, for comprehensive endpoint visibility and control.

Apria Healthcare serves nearly 2 million patients annually across 300 locations in 49 states. They have more than 8,000 laptops, desktops and tablets, many of which regularly leave the organization. Apria needed a way to deliver zero-touch IT asset management, provide self-healing endpoint security, and employ always-on data visibility and protection whether an asset was on or off their corporate network. They turned to Absolute and the company’s patented Persistence® technology.

“Persistence [located] in the BIOS is the number one item that I think really sets Absolute apart from other companies touting that they can do asset tracking better,” said Janet Hunt, Senior Director, IT User Support at Apria Healthcare. “They really can't, they don't have that piece - that persistent piece is so important to me. I always am looking for opportunities to use different technologies as they come up, and I haven't found anything that's as good as Absolute. Nothing can compare.”

Absolute’s Persistence technology, the foundation of the company’s Resilience solution, enables a self-healing, unbreakable two-way connection to endpoints, applications and data. It provides an adaptive layer of defense by notifying IT of where devices are and when security applications are removed or corrupt, and triggering automatic reinstallation. Because Absolute is already embedded in the BIOS of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and 22 other leading manufacturers’ devices, it provides Apria with the single source of truth needed to protect personal data and help achieve HIPAA compliance.

“The beauty is that with Absolute, I have a dashboard with a snapshot of where every device is, what type of encryption they are using, and what their current status is – and it is updated every 15 minutes,” said Dave Ochoa, Manager, Information Security Operations, Apria Healthcare. “I also have a complete history of that device, which makes it really easy for me to say not only whether it is encrypted now, but also what its status was a week ago, or 2 weeks ago, or 2 months ago.”

“So, you get this lovely little package that you can hand off to your auditor and say, ‘Not an issue.’ You know that this is not an incident, this is not a breach,” Ochoa continued.

“Absolute is proud to support the security of a healthcare organization that is so committed to protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance,” said Sean Maxwell, Chief Commercial Officer, Absolute. “We’re excited about our ongoing strategic partnership with Apria and delivering unbreakable endpoint visibility in a way that is both effective and sustainable as their remote workforce continues to grow.”

To learn more about how Absolute’s Resilience solution and patented Persistence technology empower healthcare organizations worldwide with unmatched visibility, control, and asset intelligence, visit: www.absolute.com.

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