Klein Independent School District Maximizes One-to-One Program with Absolute Security and Analytics

November 06, 2019

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – November 6, 2019 Absolute (TSX: ABT), the leader in endpoint resilience, today announced Klein Independent School District (ISD) is leveraging Absolute’s Student Technology Analytics across its device fleet to protect student data – a capability critical to its one-to-one student device program’s continued success.

Serving more than 53,000 students in Texas, Klein ISD is known for its innovative culture and dedication to leveraging technology to empower students. They first began work on a one-to-one computing program ten years ago and chose Absolute to help them track, manage, repair, and, when necessary, recover what is now more than 37,000 endpoint devices. As those key functions continue, Klein has also found added value in Absolute Student Technology Analytics for improving learning outcomes, ensuring user privacy, and demonstrating technology ROI.

“Initially, stop loss was the primary reason we chose Absolute, but what keeps us at the table today is their ability to innovate and provide us with more information about what’s being stored on the devices and what’s being utilized,” said Chris Cummings, Director of Information Technology, Teaching & Learning, Klein ISD. “I continue to choose Absolute because of their innovation. They help us stay ahead and offer the latest advantages to our students and faculty.”

In an era of ever-increasing data privacy regulation, including state and local mandates, Klein ISD knew they also needed comprehensive asset intelligence across devices, data, users, and apps as well as data protection and anti-malware tools that could otherwise become outdated, disabled, or broken. They had instances where sensitive equipment might have been stolen, but with the power of Absolute’s Persistence® technology, they were able to safeguard the information on the device.

The Texas SB820 law was passed in 2019 and requires institutions like Klein to have cybersecurity policies and a framework in place.  

“Thanks to Absolute, we were way ahead in the ability to meet those requirements,” Cummings explained. “We already had a comprehensive toolset in place.”

Absolute’s Persistence technology enables a self-healing, two-way connection to any endpoint or application, whether on or off the school network. It provides an adaptive layer of defense by notifying IT when security applications are removed or corrupt and triggers automatic reinstallation. Because Absolute is already embedded in the BIOS of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and 22 other leading manufacturers’ devices for vendor-agnostic coverage, time to value is quick.

“Absolute’s always there, always on technology provides school districts with the assurance their technology dollars and asset allocations are being used effectively,” said Surita Bains, Director of Education Programs at Absolute. “The visibility and control provide administrators with a single source of truth for understanding device use and protecting data. We’re thrilled to be a long-term partner of Klein, and look forward to many more years to come.”

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