New Absolute 7 Platform Extends Endpoint Visibility and Control, Enabling Enterprises to See, Manage and Secure Every Endpoint, Everywhere

August 09, 2017

The addition of powerful new Absolute Reach custom query and remediation empowers IT security professionals to execute any action on any endpoint device, anywhere

VANCOUVER, Canada: August 9, 2017  Absolute, the standard for endpoint visibility and control, today announced Absolute 7, the next generation enterprise security solution that empowers IT and security professionals to see, understand, manage, and secure every endpoint, everywhere. Absolute 7, with an intuitive new user interface, enhanced self-healing capabilities and new Reach functionality, now provides enterprises with the unprecedented ability to reach an entire endpoint population and take immediate custom actions in just a few clicks. This near real-time capability is critical for protecting the rapidly evolving endpoint landscape as endpoints that have gone rogue, or become invisible to IT, are becoming breeding grounds for costly security breaches.

The new Absolute 7 platform is always-connected to every endpoint, unlike traditional endpoint security solutions that are constrained by network dependencies and contingent upon healthy endpoint agents. Only Absolute leverages its Persistence® technology, already embedded in the firmware of over a billion popular endpoint devices, to deliver always-connected visibility and control with an efficient tether to every device, on and off the corporate network. With Absolute, no endpoint device will go dark, giving enterprises highly assured IT asset management, self-healing endpoint security and data visibility and protection.

Absolute’s new Reach feature will take the power of Persistence to a new level with the ability to create and execute custom query and remediation scripts across an entire endpoint population to:

  • Evaluate and harden security posture: Leverage always-on visibility and control over endpoints and data to evaluate exposure risk and prove compliance.
  • Eliminate endpoint blind spots: Remediate known vulnerabilities in near real-time to reduce risk through maintenance and compliance validation.
  • Remediate on-demand: Tap into a growing library of verified and actionable scripts while improving IT and security team productivity.
  • Customize queries and remediation actions: Create and execute fast asset management queries to speed inventorying and audits. Execute custom remediation actions to proactively address vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Reduce vulnerabilities across all endpoints: Assess endpoint agent compliance, understand current patch and version profiles, and take remedial actions across an entire endpoint population with just a few clicks.

“Enterprises are under constant attack and need an always-connected endpoint security solution that helps already-stretched staff efficiently secure every endpoint in their fleet. Absolute Reach is a force multiplier, enabling IT security professionals to regain control after years of being inhibited by inflexible and unreliable methods, as well as limited visibility to the very endpoints they need to fix,” said Christopher Bolin, Chief Strategy Officer, Absolute. “Given today’s increasingly mobile workforce, the elimination of dark endpoints and security blind spots can only be achieved when you have visibility into devices living off the corporate network. Absolute Reach does just that, providing customers with visibility they can act on and an endless number of options when it comes to managing and securing their endpoints.”

In a recent example from the Absolute Reach customer beta, IT and security teams determined which of their endpoints were susceptible to threats such as WannaCry or Shadow Brokers. Once the endpoints were identified, Absolute’s customer quickly deployed scripts to identify the exact patch level required, determine their vulnerability level, define performance conditions and then quickly deploy approved scripts onto critical devices. This level of deep and persistent awareness reduced vulnerability and contained threats while instantly validating compliance for the enterprise.

“Managing and securing user devices has become a constant battle in today’s environment. Because of the design and usage of these endpoints as corporate data access points, we now have blind spots in where and how our sensitive data is being accessed and manipulated, and those blind spots will naturally increase the more the data flows from our business system,” said Elliot Lewis, President of Lewis Security Consulting, LLC. “Absolute helps organizations get a trusted and reliable visualization into how these devices access our data and applications, and a reliable view of how our users are interacting with that data. Using Absolute’s ability to securely see and control endpoints, we can move from using raw and unverifiable guesswork to verifiable and actionable intelligence when securing user end point devices.”

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