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Application Persistence-as-a-Service: When Application Hardening and Resilience Matter

November 09, 2021

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More than ever, organizations rely heavily on a growing number of security and business applications to perform the vital roles of protecting their endpoints from cyber risks while empowering employees to be productive in the new work-from-anywhere era.

When applications and security controls fail, it’s rarely an issue of quality. It’s more likely that users have intentionally or inadvertently removed them, or that hackers have successfully disabled them. Sometimes, there are interoperability problems that cause damage and decay. Without testing infinite configurations or solving for every variable, even the best applications introduce some level of risk all their own.  

Leading system manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, and HP have long recognized the value of Absolute – embedding our Absolute Persistence® technology in the firmware of over half a billion devices – to offer their customers continuous visibility and control over endpoint environments.  

From this unique position in the hardware, Absolute’s undeletable connection can monitor the health and performance of category-defining applications and restore, repair, or reinstall them – either automatically or as directed. 

For years, Absolute Resilience™ solution customers have taken advantage of these Application Persistence™ capabilities, giving them the confidence that their mission-critical applications are always installed, fully operational, and delivering their intended value.   

ISVs benefit from simplified app auto self-healing and hardening

 At Absolute, it is our mission to enable a reliable, resilient work-from-anywhere experience by ensuring maximum security and uncompromised productivity. To deliver on this promise, our team is excited to announce the launch of Absolute Application Persistence-as-a-Service (APaaS), which allows any independent software vendor (ISV) to leverage Absolute’s firmware-embedded Application Persistence capabilities in their own software. The beauty of taking this approach means that their applications remain installed, healthy, and effective at counteracting everything from human error to malicious actions, software collisions, and normal decay.

For ISVs, leveraging this new service provides the following benefits: 

  • Differentiation – this allows ISVs to stand out from the pack, giving them a clear advantage over the competition by assuring application uptime and integrity.
  • Rich application health telemetry - (e.g., the ability to access data on repairs and re-installs, app versions used in the wild, app integrity, top failure reasons), all simplifying the process of cost-effective application performance tuning.
  • Lower development cost – instead of investing in application hardening and code maintenance, users can leverage Absolute’s field-proven technology.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through better return on investment and reduced support calls.

The underlying message is that ISVs can focus on what they do best, while letting Absolute deliver Application Persistence for their apps at scale.

Ultimately, Application Persistence-as-a-Service allows ISVs to secure their applications and their customers with firmware-based Application Persistence, rather than risking their reputation by relying on code-based application hardening.  

We put this approach to the test, recently, by adding Application Persistence capabilities to our NetMotion by Absolute Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) products. The result? An incredibly resilient, self-healing Zero Trust security product that keeps workers connected and safe on any network, and avoids the risks of software misconfiguration or removal, either inadvertently or by bad actors. This is exactly what today’s Work-from-Anywhere world demands. 

Whether included alongside category-defining apps in the Absolute Resilience solution, integrated with Application Persistence-as-a-Service directly into an ISV’s software – or both – customers can be confident that their applications stay resilient and work as intended.  

The ability to automatically self-heal mission-critical applications brings customers enormous value, not least of which includes:

  • Ensuring application integrity by maintaining application health and efficacy.
  • Increasing operational efficiency by enabling automatic, zero-touch, built-in resilience.
  • Maximizing productivity by guaranteeing availability of mission-critical applications and reducing IT helpdesk tickets.
  • Increasing ROI for existing security and software investments.
  • Maintaining compliance with internal policies, industry standards, and government regulations.

IT and security teams can spot the very best applications by looking for the following “stamp of approval”, indicating that the undeletable line of defense of self-healing is making the application tamper-proof.

ISVs interested in driving productivity, ensuring security and delivering peace-of-mind should consider joining Absolute’s partner network, connecting customer-centric vendors and building resilient applications. For more information, see our partner page:

Become an Absolute Application Persistence Partner 



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