Ensure your mission-critical apps remain installed, healthy, and effective

Seamlessly repair and heal the applications you depend on with Application Persistence™

Absolute is the only endpoint security solution factory-embedded at the firmware level by 28 of the top device manufacturers. As a result, it’s an undeletable line of defense that can self-heal — and it can extend this capability to nearly any application you choose.

Make sure your security apps are working as intended

Your security posture is only as strong as the applications that support it. By granting self-healing to VPN, encryption, and antivirus/antimalware, you ensure compliance, secure your data, and get the level of security you paid for.

Keep users connected to the data and applications they need

Off-network employees depend on their VPN client to access the data and applications that they need to do their jobs. Provide continuous, secure access — and reduce the potential of ransomware or other attacks — with a persistent VPN client on all your devices.

Be prepared for internal and external audits

Prevent compliance drift by automatically regenerating mission-critical apps. Ensure all your devices are in line with HIPAA, HITECH, CCPA, GDPR, NIST, or other protocols — so you can fulfill your mandate and secure funding.

Maintain a focused and efficient helpdesk

Your IT team doesn’t have to be swamped with tickets for the same application issues. Application Persistence’s automatic remediation can free your helpdesk to tackle more complex problems.

2021 Endpoint Risk Report

Industry-leading software applications that customers persist today

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Application Persistence is customizable to your organization

If you’d like to make a specific application self-healing and resilient, we can create a custom solution. Contact us to see what Absolute can do for you.

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