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Absolute Delivers Industry's First Mobile SSE

June 14, 2023

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Organizations of all sizes struggle with today’s dynamic threat landscape. Cyber adversaries leverage all kinds of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), ranging from brute force phishing schemes to sophisticated, automated attacks that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. And attacks targeting mobile users are on the rise, primarily because 55% of Internet traffic now originates on mobile devices. Other statistics are equally sobering:

  • 48% of all malware is adware, which works like a can opener, making way for destructive malware to reach smartphones
  • 47% of malware infections originate from Android devices
  • 76%, the rate of increase in 5G connections in 2022, which is now at 1 billion

Accompanying the rise in mobile usage, Web browsing has become critical to workplace productivity. Whether you’re at a desk in the office or servicing an airplane on the tarmac, accessing applications and resources is crucial to getting projects out the door or a jet in the air.

Central to their functionality, browsers download and run Web code written by unknown developers. Unless a user is very careful, one inadvertent click can allow threat actors to penetrate an organization and then look to spread laterally. Until now, office and hybrid workers have had access to tools and solutions that protected them from a hostile threat landscape. But mobile workers have typically been left to fend for themselves.

Secure Browsing Experiences for All

Today, Absolute is releasing the Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service (powered by Ericom), which is an add-on module that tightly integrates with the extensive policy capabilities in Absolute Secure Access, strengthening an organization’s security posture while preserving a natural browsing experience for mobile, deskless, remote, and hybrid workers. It safely inspects, scrubs, and inoculates Web content in a cloud container before delivering it safely to the end user’s Web browser. As a result, mobile, field, and deskless workers are now equally protected as their office-based colleagues.

Harvest the Power of a Mobile Secure Service Edge Solution

By extending the capabilities of the Absolute Edge product package, which encompasses Absolute Core, Absolute Edge, as well as Absolute Insights for Network, Absolute delivers the industry’s first mobile Secure Service Edge (SSE) solution. In turn, Absolute is able to extend the same level of protection normally only associated with office or hybrid workers to mobile, deskless, and field workers, ensuring a positive end user experience and improved productivity.


The Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service offers organizations cloud-delivered security and protection through anti-virus scans, remote browser isolation, content disarm and reconstruction, as well as data loss prevention. IT teams and security practitioners can:

  • Scan for the presence of malware such as worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.
  • Block malware (including zero-day threats) on risky websites from reaching endpoints, enabling a Zero Trust approach to Web browsing.
  • Examine, and if needed, disarm and reconstruct content from file downloads, protecting against zero-day threats not detected otherwise by anti-virus scans.
  • Prevent inadvertent uploads of sensitive information to maintain compliance, protect intellectual property, and reduce overall risk exposure.

When Security and Employee Experience Matter

The Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service is tightly integrated with the Absolute Secure Access policy capability. Five incremental policy rule levels of protection make it possible to quickly and easily tailor user experiences and security levels for individuals or groups based on risk level, workflows, location, network, and other parameters.

Secure Web Gateway Insights

The Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service feeds data into Absolute Insights™ for Network, our digital experience monitoring tool. This provides real-time information for IT and security teams to quickly assess the security posture of the deployment and drill down to active and prevented threats. Numerous dashboards summarize the overall impact of the security policies and actions, supplying data about data loss and prevention, browser sessions and file transfer activity, as well as user feedback.

Absolute Insights for Network Secure Web Gateway Impact Dashboard


Overall, the Absolute Secure Access v13.0 and Absolute Insights for Network v4.0 release deliver a broad range of new security capabilities for mobile-first organizations that rely on mobile connectivity and time-sensitive applications for workforce productivity. Mobile, remote, deskless, and hybrid workers get a streamlined, friction-free and natural browsing experience and IT teams can sleep a bit better at night knowing that their organizations are protected from malware, malicious code, worms, phishing attacks, credential theft, social engineering, and zero-day attacks.

Absolute Secure Web Gateway Service is available for free trial and purchase as an add-on module to Absolute Edge with on-premises or Software-as-a-Service deployment. The Absolute Edge package is our most powerful Secure Access solution and encompasses Absolute Core, Absolute Edge, and Absolute Insights for Network.





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