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Optimizing Asset Lifecycle Management

calendar iconTuesday, Sept 3, 2024 | 9am PT/ 12pm ET

Length: 45 mins

Managing device and software deployments across large organizations is a significant challenge for IT teams today. With a large number of devices connecting to the corporate network remotely, endpoint visibility and control can be inconsistent making the task of assessing device status, deploying the latest patches and application versions fairly arduous. Learn how Absolute’s endpoint visibility and asset intelligence help IT teams in optimizing their hardware and software deployments.

Key Highlights

  • Utilize Absolute’s source of truth endpoint telemetry to monitor hardware and software inventory and OS patch health to optimize your inventory management processes. Group devices by make/model, department or region to better manage and take action on devices
  • Identify devices that need to be decommissioned or reassigned to new users. Ensure sensitive data is purged as part of the decommissioning or reassignment process
  • Leverage Absolute’s telemetry and device actions through third-party tools such as ServiceNow, SIEM and others via APIs

The Absolute Secure Endpoint product portfolio leverages the always-on connection provided by Absolute Persistence to enable IT and security personnel to monitor and address laptop computers’ problems and enables the laptops and their mission-critical applications to self-heal. This helps with IT management, strengthening a company’s security posture, and maintaining compliance.

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July 16, 2024

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Neeraj Annachhatre Headshot

Neeraj Annachhatre

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Torsten Larson

Senior Sales Engineer | Secure Endpoint
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"With the economy now impacted the way that it is, we have a heightened attention on what brings our students and school values. Absolute Secure Endpoint will help us on the software side and hardware side, frankly. We’re discovering new ways to use Absolute to help us manage our various systems."

Erik Greenwood, Chief Technology Officer, Anaheim Union High School District

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