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Leveraging AI to Block Malicious Websites & Content

calendar iconTuesday, Aug 20, 2024 | 9am PT/ 12pm ET

Length: 45 mins

380 websites are created globally every minute. And not all of them are benign. With web browsing and web application access crucial for any modern business, it's imperative to protect users from malicious sites, or identify problem users. Learn how to use Secure Access' Reputation Service to set appropriate policies for your users so they can navigate the web without putting your organization at risk.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to leverage Secure Access' Web Reputation Engine to set appropriate use policies for your users
  • Prevent unsanctioned or inappropriate content
  • Control browsing behavior for naive or malicious users, and prevent phishing or smishing attacks -- keeping your workforce productive and your organization safe

Based on its versatility, you can leverage the Absolute Secure Access product portfolio for a multitude of use cases across different stakeholders within your organization – all from a single vendor, helping you to conserve budget and allowing for simplified vendor management.

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July 16, 2024

Secure Access Presentation

Featured Speakers

Bryan Embrey Headshot

Bryan Embrey

Senior Product Marketing Manager | Secure Access
Absolute Security

Steve Fallin Headshot

Steve Fallin

Director, Product Management | Secure Access
Absolute Security

Devin Zieger Headshot

Devin Zieger

Product Manager| Secure Access
Absolute Security

"The flexibility of Absolute Secure Access is amazing. I was able to quickly set up DNS-based split tunneling using granular policies for a group using Teams hosted in the cloud when they suddenly had to work from home. It just worked, which was awesome. There’s no way we could have done that with our old VPN."

Tristan Roberts, Team Leander, Infrastructure, TasNetworks

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