Respond to endpoint risks

Remotely and confidently take action whenever your devices or data are exposed

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When breaches, theft, or ransomware threaten your organization, mitigate the damage by maintaining control over all your devices and data – even off your network.

Maintain full control over sensitive data

If a device with sensitive data is lost or stolen, Absolute enables you to freeze the device or wipe the data. So you can maintain compliance, trust, and competitive advantage.


Absolute can collect geolocation data and set geofences that produce alerts whenever a device leaves an authorized area. When you receive these alerts, you have the option to freeze the device until it is returned, as well as selectively or completely deleting data from the device.

You can use these controls if the device is off your network, and even if security controls have been uninstalled or disabled.

Make “off-network” a meaningless phrase

When devices are off-network, you can still wipe data, freeze devices, and deploy configuration changes remotely. So you can protect devices and data no matter where they go.


Absolute’s BIOS-level Persistence allows you to remotely ensure that all security agents are installed and functioning as intended or remotely update them if they are not. Go beyond visibility to give all your essential applications this same automatic self-healing ability.

Track and recover lost or stolen devices

When devices go missing, track them down — even if the client has been uninstalled or the device has been reimaged.


Absolute is factory-embedded in the firmware of your devices, so it can reinstall the Absolute Agent if it has been reconfigured or uninstalled. Once the agent has been reinstalled, it can report its geolocation data to your cloud-based dashboard.

With this visibility, the Absolute Investigations team can use forensics tools and partner with local law enforcement to help you recover lost devices.

Remotely lock missing devices when away from your PC

The Absolute Control mobile app enables you to search for a device, monitor key security vitals and lock the device through the convenience of your smartphone.

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Other ways Absolute reduces your risk

Detect endpoint risks

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Prove compliance

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Enforce endpoint security standards

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"I trust Absolute. We always buy it for every laptop. Here is this product that, if a device were stolen, would allow us to track and trace, then remotely wipe it."

Paul Baird - Manager, IT Security Operations
Bovis Homes

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