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Address small issues early to reduce your IT issues and tickets

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IT teams walk a fine line between reducing risk and providing a smooth end-user experience — so a complex security stack can drag down productivity. Absolute helps you minimize response time and fortify your endpoint configurations.

Be proactive, not reactive

51% of an organization’s devices can’t be seen at any given time — See issues faster and address them while they’re small and easy to handle. Absolute’s reports and alerts let you know as soon as something is amiss.


Absolute collects hundreds of data points per device, including information about encryption, anti-malware status, and other essential security agents — then lets you generate reports and alerts to surface issues across your fleet and on individual devices.

Rescue your IT team with automation

72% of organizations depend on manual device inspection — Your IT team doesn’t have to be swamped with tickets for the same device issues. Through Application Persistence, Absolute can enable your devices to heal themselves.


The Absolute Agent is self-healing and resilient. Absolute is able to survive formatting and OS re-install on BIOS embedded models. Absolute can re-install applications if missing, repair broken software components on non-functioning applications via Application Persistence.

Get a birds-eye view of your endpoint security

28% of endpoints are missing protection at any given time — View your entire fleet from a cloud-based console that produces customized reports based on over 100 data points per device — across different networks and on different platforms.


Absolute collects hundreds of different data points on the device level, including the health and configuration of antivirus, antimalware, encryption, and other essential controls. Leverage pre-built and custom reports to view and compare device statuses, even across different platforms or on different networks.

Drive decisions with trustworthy data

25% of cybersecurity professionals’ time is spent on false positives — Absolute’s BIOS-level visibility combines with automated reporting to give you reliable data, so you can focus on minimizing risk. Integrate with ServiceNow and similar services to make better decisions.


Absolute is factory-embedded in the firmware of your devices, which gives Absolute the ability to persist and reinstall the Absolute software agent if it has been disabled, reconfigured, or uninstalled. So it acts as an unbreakable tether that ensures device-level information is reliable and always available.

Absolute supports integrations with ServiceNow and dozens of other highly-used applications, providing a two-way stream of data that improves your ability to make good decisions.

Other ways Absolute supports your helpdesk

Find and fix vulnerabilities

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Enforce endpoint security standards

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Detect endpoint risks

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“Absolute is the only system we have to reliably confirm the status of the SCCM agent so we can consistently perform these important functions without interruption.”

Morten Lykke Jensen - Enterprise Architect
MT Højgaard

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