Automate hardware audits

Keep an accurate CMDB and asset inventory without touching any of your devices

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It’s impossible to keep a CMDB or inventory up-to-date when endpoints go dark or require physical access. Absolute makes it possible with always-on visibility and peerless endpoint control.

Generate flawless inventories without human touch

72% of organizations depend on manual device inspection Absolute automatically collects hundreds of data points on every device it’s activated on — and thanks to Persistence technology, you can be sure that it’s active everywhere.


Absolute can be remotely installed on any device where it’s embedded in the firmware (with deployment tools like SCCM, Zendesk, etc.) — and it’s embedded in nearly every device made by 28 top device manufacturers. So you can initiate hardware data collection and start automating reports without having to physically touch the device.

Audit everything at the push of a button

51% of an organization’s devices can’t be seen at any given time — You don’t need physical access to build and maintain accurate inventories. Absolute’s remote controls allow you to audit your fleet in a fraction of the time.


Absolute collects hundreds of data points per device, including encryption and anti-malware status, device usage, geolocation, location history, OS versions, makes and models, and installed software. Create smart reports for a detailed and accurate inventory of your entire device fleet.

Absolute allows you to create reports and alerts based on hardware, software, OS versions, geolocation, device group, and much more. You can even create custom reports for data points that especially matter to your organization.

Get what you paid for, finally

82% of organizations struggle to identify wasted IT spend — See daily usage rates on all your devices, so you can find underused assets and repurpose or sunset them. Get a full return on your IT investment.


Log device usage rates and user activity on managed Windows devices by observing device activity, as well as unlock and login frequency. This insight can be compared across device groups and time periods, and you can drill down on individual devices with ease.

These usage stats allow you to pinpoint underused or unused devices and repurpose or sunset them.

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“The role of Absolute is critical in two specific ways: it provides validation to our internal asset management platform and extends access to our computer population when we find them outside of our control.”

Dave Johnson - Director, Strategic Services
Grant Thornton LLP

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