Higher education needs higher endpoint security.

Now more than ever, universities and colleges need a centralized way to unify asset management and security.

Get total visibility and control — across the campus, or across the globe — with the only undeletable endpoint defense platform for higher education.

Locate and manage endpoints from Anthropology to Zoology.

Whichever department they belong to, wherever they are in the world, and whether they’re Windows, Mac, or Chromebook, your assets remain visible with Absolute. Manage, locate, freeze and wipe any device in your fleet using a single dashboard.


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Security 101: Intro to Resilience.

Failing security controls and vulnerable OS versions create dangerous risks such as data breaches and cyber-attacks. Safeguard personal identity info, intellectual property and financial data by ensuring your security controls are always installed, up-to-date and working correctly.

Embedded in your device firmware, Absolute is 100% undeletable. It provides self-healing and resilience to your existing AV, encryption, VPN and other critical applications.


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Keep devices safe, off-network or off-campus.

The ability to remotely repair, patch, and remediate off-network school devices has never been more important.

With Absolute, you can use automated workflows to maintain endpoint health remotely — no scripting required — and use pre-built commands for updating, configuring and installing.

Ace your audits and compliance requirements.

Locate sensitive data on a single laptop or across your entire fleet — then ‘lock and delete’ to comply with privacy regulations like HIPAA, FERPA, PCI DSS and GDPR. You can also create automatic compliance checks that adapt to NIST CSF and other cyber security frameworks.

Total visibility and control make it easy to monitor your assets for future audits, while helpful features such as device usage reporting let you analyze endpoint ROI at-a-glance.

We have tenure with leading manufacturers.


Leading universities and colleges have trusted Absolute for over two decades to provide peace-of-mind, visibility and control of their devices. And we’re the only endpoint solution embedded in over 600M devices manufactured by leading brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo.

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