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Working from anywhere. Recovery and resilience against cyber threats. Compliant governance and mitigated risk. Our customers’ digital operations and mobile workforces stay efficient, productive, and safe using our innovative Secure Endpoint and Secure Access products—leveraging the advantage of our pioneering Absolute Persistence® technology embedded in the firmware of more than 600,000,000 devices. Once activated, Absolute Persistence is fiercely and uniquely resilient, surviving attempts to disable it, even if the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or the firmware is updated.

No other technology can do this.

The Absolute Platform

Secure Endpoint

Reliable, resilient endpoints for your modern workforce

Serves as your source of truth for device and application health

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Secure Access

Reliable, resilient access solutions for your modern workforce

Built from ground up for mobility and the modern edge

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Focused on what matters to you

We are committed to providing solutions that meet the unique and evolving needs to enable your business

Detect unauthorized device movement

Define geofences to detect unauthorized device movement and be alerted when a device crosses an established boundary.

Remotely freeze at-risk devices

Freeze devices when threats have been detected, and notify users with a custom message - automated or on demand.

Remotely delete data

Selectively delete files on any device from anywhere and remotely perform an end-of-life device wipe in accordance with NIST 800-88 with compliance certificate.

Make mission-critical applications self-healing

Leverage Application Resilience to automatically repair or reinstall mission-critical applications when they have been disabled, or are not running in a healthy state.

Remotely query and remediate devices at scale

Take remedial action across devices by leveraging a library of hundreds of customized scripts to accelerate your response and recovery efforts.

Investigate and recover stolen devices

Leverage the expert Absolute Investigation team to locate and recover stolen devices in collaboration with law enforcement.

View your network performance by location

Customizable dashboards to proactively diagnose and correct poorly performing networks

Ensuring a tamper-proof digital experience

Designed with remote and mobile workers in mind to provide seamless access with dynamic and robust access controls

Make applications invisible

Creates a context-based, logical access boundary around a set of applications – wherever they're hosted

Minimize risk while optimizing user experience

Real-time telemetry and risk assessments from devices and network

Guaranteed, continuous service delivery

Always-on connectivity with Absolute Network Resilience, enabling secure optimized tunnel and network session resilience

Easy enforcement of security configurations at scale

Powerful policy engine with dynamic enforcement at the endpoint

"Absolute gave our IT department peace of mind."

Mike Pitroff - Chief Technology Officer

Baltimore City Public Schools

Get maximum value out of your security spend

Mitigate risk and strengthen your compliance posture with Absolute

  • Assure security efficacy via self-healing
  • Streamlined collection of compliance evidence
  • Critical application availability and uptime for incident response
  • Reduced mean time to response
  • Ease of enforcement of security configurations at scale
  • Improved risk score

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Enable the secure device lifecycle

Reduce complexities across endpoints, applications, and network access that are causing inefficiencies and risk exposure.

  • High visibility from the endpoint
  • Reduced number of helpdesk tickets
  • Reduced number of rogue devices and apps
  • Improved business-specific KPIs
  • Vendor consolidation
  • Real-time telemetry from devices & network

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Maximize your workforce’s productivity - wherever they do their work

Don't let security be a barrier to an optimized employee experience.

  • Provide always-on, work-from-anywhere capabilities for your workforce
  • Optimized user experience and uptime
  • Reduced management infrastructure
  • Resilient, reliable network apps
  • User adoption of key applications
  • Guaranteed, continuous service delivery

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