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NetMotion is now Absolute Secure Access.
The coverage and performance of AT&T’s network is the perfect foundation for a mobile security solution that can stand up to the most demanding requirements and actually improve the remote user experience.

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Absolute is FirstNet® certified. AT&T FirstNet is the only network built with and for first responders and supporting services. It is designed to fit your communications needs, evolving with your organization to offer modern, transformative solutions.

The Secure Access Platform

Secure Tunnel

Absolute Secure Access is the only secure optimized tunnel available that has been designed specifically with mobile workers in mind, providing seamless secure remote access in a way that actively improves the employee experience.

Zero Trust Network Access

ZTNA protects enterprise resources from unauthorized access, making applications inaccessible to unapproved users. Likewise, individual users are protected from high risk content and you’ll have visibility into device activity.

Digital experience monitoring

The ability to gather real-time, actionable data about the experience of workers can have a major impact on the success of an organization. Increase productivity and employee morale while fine-tuning security policies with Absolute Insights™ for Network.

Absolute Secure Access can solve these common business challenges

Remote working has become the new normal and workers expect a seamless mobile experience, regardless of where or when they’re working. The challenge with legacy VPNs is that many of them fail to support the basic needs of a highly mobile workforce. Absolute Secure Access is designed to allow your team to stay connected in weak and constantly changing network conditions. It will eliminate connectivity hassles from your workday, once and for all.

  • Do your workers explain or complain about their current mobile working experience?
  • Are you concerned about the broadened attack surface created by the increase of remote workers?

With more mobile workers connecting to more applications, using more networks and devices, the attack surface and risk of breach for organizations has increased substantially. Absolute Secure Access keeps you and your team secure by providing military-grade encryption on all data. Rest assured, no matter what device you’re working on or which network you’re connected to, Absolute Secure Access is keeping your data safe.

  • Are you concerned about the security of your corporate information when it comes to your remote workforce?
  • Has your organization thought about implementing a zero-trust network access solution?

Mobile related issues and a lack of visibility into root causes – especially outside the four walls of the office – can create massive inefficiencies for the IT arm of the business. Absolute Secure Access provides real-time data about the device, application, and network performance in a single pane of glass. While other products can reveal what’s going wrong, few can help proactively and reactively resolve issues. Absolute Secure Access does exactly that, helping you turn data insights into business value.

  • Do you have visibility into what causes downtime for your employees?
  • Is IT having trouble finding the root cause of mobile issues?
  • Does your IT team have trouble diagnosing issues for workers outside the office?

Working outside of the office means connecting to and roaming between networks of various quality (Wi-Fi, SAT, cellular). This often means degraded performance and user experience. The Absolute Secure Access mobile-first VPN is the only one on the market built specifically with mobile workers in mind. It actively improves the employee experience, provides unbreakable connectivity using tunnel and session persistence and has video and audio optimizations.

  • Are you mobile workers experiencing connectivity issues?
  • Are they unable to connect to mission critical apps?
  • Do they always need to re-connect themselves after they step away?

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