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Protect sensitive information, secure personal data, and stay audit-ready with the Absolute platform

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How Absolute Can Help

Strengthen compliance with CJIS, HIPAA or other regulations

Be always audit-ready by leveraging compliance checks and automated reports

  • Validate integrity and location of regulated data at any time, prove data was encrypted and not accessed if an incident occurs
  • Probe for compliance violations across your entire fleet, on or off your network, and respond remotely and immediately
  • Reduce the time to prepare audits with ongoing compliance checks across your endpoint population

Identify non-compliant endpoints, and enforce security controls on every device, on or off your network.

Device Usage by OS & Make

See and control all devices remotely, and reduce hardware and software waste.

Spend public money wisely

Gain operational efficiencies to maximize your available resources, with unrivalled accuracy, automation and resiliency

  • Automate inventory and optimize device lifecycle management from a single pane of glass
  • Automate risk assessment and customize alerts to focus on what needs attention and immediate remediation
  • Maximize ROI of your current tools; harden your gold image by making your critical applications self-healing, such as SCCM, VPN, encryption or anti-malware

Respond to threats rapidly and accurately

If an incident ever occurs, take action to remediate immediately and remotely

  • Stop chasing end users and regain control remotely no matter what happens, with a persistent connection to all of your endpoints, on and off your network
  • Remotely target suspicious devices and the data they contain, by freezing or wiping devices completely, or deleting specific data files
  • Execute custom workflows to remediate dark endpoints, ransomware attacks or other endpoint vulnerabilities, and confirm successful execution
Device Actions

Keep full visibility and control of any endpoint, even off the network or in unauthorized hands.

Adopt the NIST CSF or other cybersecurity frameworks with confidence

Adopt the NIST CSF or other cybersecurity frameworks with confidence

Strengthen your security posture and eliminate security blind spots

  • Assess the maturity of your current cybersecurity controls and identify gaps in your environment, assisted by our cybersecurity experts
  • Get a plan to prioritize immediate corrective actions, based on the expected positive impact and the required effort
  • Benchmark your organization against others like yours, and track progress

Fortify data security for your mobile workforce

Identify and remediate specific at-risk data across your device population, on and off your network

  • Remotely scan endpoints for PII, PHI, PFI or any other confidential or citizen information
  • Validate encryption status and history, and automatically remediate if missing
  • Apply data protection that goes where your users do
Device Details

Pinpoint at-risk sensitive files across your entire fleet, and surgically delete them to stay compliant.

I was really impressed with Absolute’s ability to see any device and remotely freeze or wipe it, as well as to monitor and prove encryption status. Field officers also need uninterrupted access to crucial data to make the right decision on the appropriate protocol in seconds, so keeping their computers up and running with Absolute could save their lives.

Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon
Corey Nelson
Manager, IT
Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

Increase your operational efficiency, decrease your incident response time and strengthen your cyber security posture

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