Absolute Reach

See, Understand, and Act Faster to Manage and Secure IT Assets

Enterprises can now customize the power of Absolute with Reach, a powerful new custom query and remediation feature of the Absolute platform. Reach gives you the power to detect, understand, and remediate vulnerabilities across 100% of your endpoints on-demand, even if your endpoints are off the corporate network.

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Remediate vulnerabilities with rapid query or remediation actions

You can gather precise contextual insights, execute custom workflows, and deploy automation commands to remediate dark endpoints, ransomware attacks, and other endpoint vulnerabilities. This powerful tool allows asset managers and security professionals to proactively address an endless number of use cases.

Detect Vulnerability

Remediate vulnerabilities with rapid query or remediation actions.


The Absolute platform featuring Reach gives you the power to:

Evaluate and Harden Your Security Posture

Leverage always-on visibility and control over endpoints and data to evaluate exposure risk and prove compliance.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Remediate known vulnerabilities in near real-time to reduce risk through maintenance and compliance validation.

Remediate On-Demand

Tap into a growing library of verified and actionable scripts while improving IT and security team productivity.


Customize Queries and Remediation Actions

Create and execute fast asset management queries to speed inventorying and audits. Execute custom remediation actions to proactively address vulnerabilities and threats.

Reduce Vulnerabilities Across All Endpoints

Assess endpoint agent compliance, understand current patch and version profiles, and take remedial actions across an entire endpoint population with just a few clicks.