Visibility You Can Act On

Dark endpoints are breeding grounds for data breaches. Absolute introduces the new standard for endpoint visibility and control, already embedded in over 500 million endpoints for the always-connected visibility, insight and real-time remediation capabilities to stop breaches at the source.

Manage and Secure Every Endpoint, Everywhere

Absolute gives you the power to see, manage and secure every endpoint, everywhere. That’s because only Absolute is always-connected to every endpoint, unlike traditional endpoint security solutions that are constrained by network dependencies and contingent upon healthy endpoint agents. With Absolute, no endpoint device will ever go dark giving enterprises highly-assured asset intelligence, endpoint hygiene and continuous compliance.


The Absolute security vitals dashboard.

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Persistence Technology

Absolute leverages Persistence technology, already embedded in the firmware of over 500 million endpoint devices, to deliver always-connected visibility and control with an efficient tether to every device, on and off the network.

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Introducing the Absolute Platform

Watch our video demo to learn why Absolute is the leader in Endpoint Visibility and Control, delivering the only self-healing solution. The Absolute platform allows organizations to see and secure all devices, data, applications and users — delivering zero-touch IT asset management, self-healing endpoint security, and always-on data visibility and protection.

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Key Features

Additional Features


Reporting and Analytics

Collect and analyze incredibly rich information from each device, identify activities and precursors to security incidents, integrate this deep insight with SIEM and other enterprise solutions, or use our Security Posture Dashboard.



Geofencing to monitor assets via Google Maps, including recent and historical locations. Create geofences based on corporate policies. Investigate devices entering unauthorized locations.


Risk Assessment

Pre-empt security incidents by delivering unparalleled insight into suspicious or anomalous activity. Validate and monitor the status of critical applications.


Risk Response

Use adaptive security measures to remotely recover or delete sensitive data. Set policies to ensure offline devices are automatically protected. Use certified data delete workflows to decommission a device. Prove sensitive data was not accessed at time of security incident.


Reach Custom Query and Remediation

Rapidly query or remediate any device to eliminate vulnerabilities and regain compliance anytime, anywhere, on any endpoint.

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Application Persistence

If a critical application is removed, disabled, or tampered with, Application Persistence initiates an automatic, zero-touch reinstallation so you can proactively eliminate vulnerabilities.

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Data Awareness

Identify and remediate non-compliant data access. Discover sensitive data and assess the risk exposure. Detect Shadow IT and discover sensitive data synced with cloud storage applications. Avoid disruptive or network-restricted solutions and deploy zero-impact data protection.


Endpoint Investigations

Identify and eliminate insider threats. Leverage Security Professionals to determine the cause of an endpoint security incident. Refine best practices so the same incident does not reoccur. Determine if a data breach notification is required. Recover stolen devices.



By maximizing your visibility across your endpoints and strengthening your security posture, you are uniquely equipped to:

Discover and Protect Sensitive Data

Understand where your sensitive data is hidden and protect it with adaptive security controls.

Get Rich Contextual Security Awareness

Diagnose and monitor endpoint health via an intuitive Security Posture Dashboard fueled by the deep, context-rich insights.

Remediate Compromised Agents and Breaches with Lightning-fast Speed

Instantly remediates at-risk endpoints at scale to mitigate disruption and losses while boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of IT and Security staff.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Light-up dark endpoints with always-on visibility and control of endpoints and data — on and off the network.


Minimize the Impact of a Breach

Take instant remedial actions to protect data on insecure or compromised devices by remotely freezing or wiping data.

Maintain Business Continuity

Avoid disruptions to the business with automatic, instant self-healing of critical endpoint applications, including leading Endpoint Protection, VPN, and Device Management solutions.

Deploy Instantly for Fast Time-to-value

With cloud-based infrastructure, zero-touch activation, proven scalability, broad device support and an experienced services team, customers can start protecting valuable assets immediately, demonstrating fast time-to-value.

Ensure Compliance Across All Endpoints

Prove to regulators that security solutions are always operational and that data is protected, including at the time of a security incident

Global IT security spend is way up, and much of it is going to endpoint security tools. Yet, over 70% of breaches still originate on the endpoint. Why? Analyzing six million endpoints over the course of one year uncovered some startling truths.

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