Lenovo Security Assurance on Select Premium Lenovo Devices

The following Lenovo North America TopSeller ThinkPad models - P1, P14s, P15v, P16s, T14s, T15p, T16, X1 Carbon, X1 Extreme, X1 Nano, X1 Titanium, X1 Yoga, X13, Z13 - are part of an exclusive group of premium devices with hardware protected visibility and resilience, making them the most secure laptops in the world right out of the box. Additionally, Lenovo Security Assurance (LSA) leverages Absolute technology in the firmware of these premium Lenovo devices to fortify critical security applications through self-healing technology.

How Lenovo Security Assurance Complements Existing Applications:

  • Allows you to maintain device visibility on or off the corporate network
  • Easily monitor the health of crucial security controls
  • Have the ability to repair or replace corrupted or disabled security applications

Lenovo Security Assurance, powered by Absolute, allows you to defend data privacy, update and self-heal cybersecurity applications, ensure protection is in place to prevent a data breach, and provide remote supervisor password (RSVP) that allows admins to set the firmware’s supervisor password remotely as needed.

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