On-demand Webinar

Tracking and Recovering Missing Devices

New Feature Release

Understanding the new tools for managing your lost or stolen devices

As an IT professional in education, you know better than anyone that lost or stolen devices are a fact of life.

Absolute’s latest release introduces a level of transparency around missing devices – where they are, who’s using them, how to locate – previously only available to law enforcement.

It’s important that your team knows how to use this new functionality, so we’re hosting a 45-minute training session to bring you up-to-speed.

Everyone with a role in your school’s missing device workflow should attend to learn:

  • Where to find and how to use the new information in the Absolute console
  • How to verify if a device has truly been stolen, and what to do next
  • Filed a missing device report before? – what’s changed and what stays the same

We’re excited to expose this new degree of visibility and control, and look forward to sharing it with you.

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