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Five Easy Ways to Transform Your Absolute Account

On-demand Webinar45 mins

Diet and exercise. They’re essential to our health — no shortcuts. But we all know that’s easier said than done.

Fortunately, maintaining a healthy device population isn’t nearly as demanding.

By protecting your data and devices with Absolute, you’re already in great shape. And the good news is, Absolute offers shortcuts galore to transform your endpoint security — quickly and painlessly.

The first is this webinar — an easy, 45-minute investment packed with tips to strengthen your protection. Join your team of account experts as they share:

  • What a “healthy” account looks like and why it’s critical to maintain
  • How to benchmark your account health today
  • Five easy-to-implement features guaranteed to produce remarkable results

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Featured Speakers

Matt Meanchoff

Matt Meanchoff

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience


Kristin Padilla

Kristin Padilla

Manager, Customer Success


“Absolute is the safety net that allows organizations to freeze the endpoint to stem any damage and then remediate and return the endpoint to productivity.”

2018 Forrester Study of the Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Absolute Platform

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