Track and secure your devices and data with confidence

Enable the secure device lifecycle with zero-touch IT asset management, automated endpoint resilience, and always-on visibility and control.

Make your IT asset management a lot less complicated

Know where all your devices are and how much value they’re delivering. Absolute helps you inventory, provision, and manage your devices and software at scale.

Minimize the damage of loss and theft

When a device goes missing, you can lock it, freeze it, and remotely wipe data — then track it down with tamper-proof geolocation.

Get what you paid for, finally

Know how much of your cybersecurity budget is delivering on its promise. Realize the true value of your time, money, and security by seeing your weak spots and bolstering them.

See the big picture, no matter what

Absolute’s firmware-embedded position gives you unprecedented insights into your entire device fleet. From a single pane of glass, you can manage devices, software, and data at scale — with perfect knowledge of their status.

Rescue your overloaded helpdesk with resilient endpoints

Absolute Persistence® can extend to your applications, allowing them to heal themselves. Reduce simple IT requests and boost user productivity while reducing your cyber risk.   

Persistence®: the ace up your sleeve

Thanks to its unique position embedded in the firmware of 600 million endpoints, Absolute gives you a self-healing, two-way connection to any endpoint or application — even off your network.

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Learn how to solve your most challenging IT and security issues with Absolute 

“Absolute is the last stand in our IT security profile. I like how it integrates with the BIOS to do its thing most of all. Once installed, it is essentially a hands-off piece of software.”

Senior Network Administrator / IT Manager, G2 Review

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Case Study: Asplundh Tree Expert

See how Asplundh maintains uncompromised visibility of its remote device fleet and enables their IT team to track, recover, or wipe devices that go missing.

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