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See and Secure All Your At-Risk Data Stored in the Cloud

Uncontrolled and unsanctioned use of cloud applications and cloud storage can introduce new levels of risk and threats to organizations. Data may move across borders, may be stored in the clear, or even worse — ex-filtrated to the cloud by a malicious insider. It can be an impossible feat for your IT and security teams to know where this data finally ends up.

Absolute helps enterprises discover endpoint devices using these cloud-based applications in order to identify, monitor, or stop suspicious or anomalous behavior. By unmasking the use of these Shadow IT applications, organizations can avoid the risks presented by the insider threat and take a proactive stance on what is currently a blind spot in your security posture.

Identify Devices with Cloud Storage Applications

Absolute gives you the power to detect and report on the presence of folders commonly associated with cloud and cloud storage applications. Additionally, you will be able to determine the usage of these applications amongst your workforce, allowing you to better assess your overall risk and flag excessive use for further investigation. You can also use this overall data to evaluate your current security and IT policies to establish up-to-date standards, which in turn can provide better protection for your critical data and improve your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Detect Devices with At-Risk Files in the Cloud, and Take Proactive Response Measures

Absolute also gives you the ability to scan device folders associated with cloud applications for specific data and data types, even if those devices are not currently inside your network:

  • Combine the power of Absolute Endpoint Security and Endpoint Data Discovery to identify sensitive information like Personal Health Information (PHI), Personal Financial Information (PFI), Social Security Numbers, or credit card data.
  • Use custom rules to target specific data that is of interest to your unique needs. Secret project names, intellectual property, financial information and documents — all can be monitored for and detected.
  • Build flexible reports to display a comprehensive list of all devices which contain at-risk data stored in cloud applications.
  • Remotely delete sensitive data if required - even if that endpoint is currently not inside your traditional network boundaries.

The insider threat already lives in and is taking advantage of the cloud, which could lead to major data breach incidents, tarnished corporate reputation, and severe financial penalties. Only true visibility and a preventive approach can unmask the threat and mitigate the risk.

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