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Secure Your Endpoints, Protect Critical Data, and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Your financial services institution is entrusted with a staggering amount of confidential data: Social Security numbers, credit card information, and deeply personal transactional histories, to name only a few. And the reality is that you also face an onslaught of attempts by attackers — both inside and outside of your firm — to abscond with this valuable, easily monetized data.

Consumer and corporate trust is at the heart of your business relationships. And, if that trust is broken by a breach of any sort, the impact can be devastating: lost business, damage to your reputation, diminished goodwill — and massive regulatory penalties.

While often the result of external attacks, the reality is that financial services organizations are exposed to even greater risks from internal incidents resulting from malicious employees, negligence, or human error. Your job as a security professional is more challenging now than ever. So what can you do to protect your firm from this harsh reality?

Gain Complete Visibility Into Endpoint Devices and Regulated Data

According to Gartner, as much as 50% of all data entrusted to your enterprise may move outside of IT's physical control by 2021, compared to 10% today. With this in mind, it is hardly a surprise that affected organizations are often unaware of major security incidents until after the damage is done.

Securing your financial services data in today’s mobile world requires a comprehensive strategy that addresses these challenges, supported by proven technology solutions. For IT teams tasked with managing your highly sensitive corporate and customer information, Absolute provides the only self-healing endpoint security solution. Already embedded in your PCs and mobile devices, our platform delivers complete visibility and near real-time remediation to protect devices, applications, data, and users, whether connected or offline.

With Absolute, you can:

  • Maximize staff productivity while preventing and remediating insider threats.
  • Validate the status of complementary security applications.
  • Identify potential security threats and respond rapidly before they evolve into expensive and damaging security incidents.
  • Demonstrate compliance with even the most stringent security laws and regulations.
  • Secure devices, data, and applications across your entire organization, including remote locations, with minimal infrastructure.
  • Secure employee or contractor transitions.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) calls for protection by design and by default. For financial organizations, with their ocean of personal data, the EU’s mandates can seem daunting. But you have nothing to fear. Learn what you need to know, prepare for audits, continuously monitor compliance, and put aside the anxiety and fear. Download our whitepaper and tame GDPR with complete confidence.

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