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Companies Under Attack Need Continuous Data Visibility and Protection

The frequency and costs of data breaches continue to skyrocket as regulated data is kept on increasingly mobile devices and in cloud-based storage applications. Absolute has observed that on average 61.9% of endpoints contain some form of at-risk data from credit card numbers to personally identifiable data.

When it comes to sensitive data, you need to know that it is securely protected at all times, and only Absolute can give you this continuous visibility and protection.

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Protect At-Risk Data Anywhere, Anytime to Maintain Accountability

With Absolute’s continuous data visibility and protection, you remain in control of your sensitive data at all times. Absolute helps detect and enforce compliance and accountability for at-risk data on devices and in the cloud. We give you persistent visibility into at-risk data so you can verify where sensitive data resides and identify negligent and malicious insiders. Equally important, Absolute gives you the near real-time remediation tools to take action to protect this valuable data, regardless of device location or network status.

Absolute automates the discovery and protection of sensitive data even as it drifts off the endpoint. Scan any device in your deployment and remediate in near real-time to prevent data breaches. Evaluate your data protection policies with quantifiable risk scores to determine your high-risk users. Deploy flexible, user-based data protection policies that guard against data drift without impacting productivity. Ensure and prove compliance with automated self-healing of your existing data protection tools. Gain the necessary visibility and control to prevent breaches, prove compliance and protect data effortlessly.

With Absolute You Can:

You don’t have to worry about a data breach if no data was at risk. With Absolute, you can prove to regulators that no sensitive data was stored on a device, even if a device is beyond your control and never recovered.

Absolute also gives you the ability to scan device folders associated with cloud applications for specific data and data types, even if those devices are not currently inside your network.

Data Security Solutions

Data Breach Prevention

Detect and enforce compliance for at-risk data on devices and in the cloud.

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GDPR Compliance

Ensure your organization is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Risk & Compliance

Control the status of your critical applications and remediate vulnerabilities before a major incident happens.

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Insider Threat Prevention

Identify and stop malicious or negligent insiders, regardless of user or whether they’re on or off your network.

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Shadow IT

Know how your data is being used and where it is hidden, allowing you to take action to avoid loss or theft.

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Learn the key strategies for building and maintaining a comprehensive ecosystem of management and security controls for all of your endpoints.

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