Gain critical insight into existing threats and security vulnerabilities.

What is an Absolute Security Assessment?

An Absolute Security Assessment is a point-in-time analysis of your security posture that provides you with a crystal clear picture of your current vulnerabilities, existing anomalies and potential threats, and key recommendations for resolution. This invaluable insight allows you to immediately take action before a security incident occurs. You can remediate deficiencies by permanently securing your devices and, more importantly, your sensitive data.

What does an Absolute Security Assessment provide you with?

The information delivered through an Absolute Security Assessment is unique as it provides you with security information that typically requires multiple tools and/or custom in-house scripting to obtain. Traditional methods of collecting this data can result in unidentified gaps and usually fails to present the entire picture. Absolute provides you with a comprehensive report that outlines all the data collected and potential risk areas identified, including:

  • A summary of all findings
  • Specific dashboards about your device population, security posture and at-risk data
  • Conclusions and recommendations on how to solve the detected vulnerabilities
  • Comprehensive inventory of devices, including hardware and username details
  • Device locations
  • Encryption status
  • Anti-malware status
  • SCCM status
  • Missing required software
  • Notable suspicious files, including MD5 hash value reputational/risk scoring
  • Windows services
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Local event log analysis
  • Registered installed application
  • Remote access applications
  • Peer-to-peer applications
  • Cloud sharing applications
  • Non-compliant presence of PHI, PFI, PII, SSN and credit card details, among others
  • Presence of sensitive data in folders synced with cloud storage applications
  • Endpoint data discovery match score summary report

How is an Absolute Security Assessment delivered?

An Absolute Security Assessment is disruption-free as it is delivered remotely and scales across your entire deployment in four stages:



Endpoint Risk Assessment Phase 1 Diagram

Data Collection

Endpoint Risk Assessment Phase 2 Diagram

Data Analysis

Endpoint Risk Assessment Phase 3 Diagram


Endpoint Risk Assessment Phase 4 Diagram