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Endpoint Hygiene

Maintain Clean, Secure,
Self-Healing Devices

Mitigate risks and security exposures to avoid a data breach

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Stand above. Orchestrate control.

When it comes to endpoint hygiene, it may seem like you’re in a losing battle. Configurations change, controls are disabled, and antivirus or encryption are outdated, broken, or missing altogether. Risk skyrockets. Without hardened endpoint hygiene, devices are vulnerable to compliance violations as well as exposures that can lead to a devastating data breach.

Be in command and empower your endpoints with automated endpoint hygiene.

Prevent data breaches by reducing the attack surface

  • Detect at-risk or sensitive information on devices, apps, and in the cloud
  • Identify negligent or malicious users and close the security gap
  • Automate encryption and AV so that your devices are always protected
  • Take immediate action when a threat is detected – cybercriminals don’t get a foothold
"Absolute helps us reduce our exposure to risk, keeping our patient data secure."
Kyle Duke | Chief Security Officer
Data at-risk dashboard

Transform weak endpoints into an indestructible security system

  • Activate Absolute to regenerate controls, apps, and agents on any endpoint
  • Automatically reduce the attack surface by adapting endpoint hygiene to the real-world
  • Reach a single device or device group with a library of unique commands to reclaim cyber hygiene
  • Stop disruptions to user productivity and business continuity with self-healing applications
"Absolute makes IT people’s lives easier. We are amazed by their Persistence® technology. It’s indestructible."
David Reynolds | Systems Manager, IT

Command and restore security controls, apps, and agents

  • Isolate, freeze, wipe, or restore exposed/compromised endpoints to contain attacks from spreading
  • Regenerate controls — encryption, AV, SCCM, VPN, and patch tools — from a centralized cloud console
  • Self-heal endpoints by extending Absolute’s Persistence technology to critical business and security apps
  • Automate remediation tasks with ready-to-use workflows, at scale or on-demand
"Absolute is a key part of our data security strategy."
Trudie Seeney | Asset Manager Information Systems
Disable Writing to USB Storage

Protect data to eliminate compliance failures

  • Respond to data-at-risk and reclaim endpoint hygiene with automated workflows
  • Block data exfiltration and risky user activity by USB ports or cloud storage apps
  • Integrate geofencing to put a physical boundary around data and devices
  • Remotely and securely delete data or wipe devices
"Absolute helps us meet the complex regulatory requirements of our customers… we can track our devices and secure data wherever it is."
Paul Marsden | Head of IT Operations

Features and Editions

Choose the edition that’s right for your organization. We would be happy to walk you through the options. Call us at 1-877-600-2295

Absolute Visibility

See all devices, on and off your network, and collect hundreds of hardware, software, security, usage, and geolocation data points automatically, including historical logs.
  • Self-healing, persistent connection to every device
  • Automated inventory, compliance checks, security status reports, and alerts
  • Device usage analytics

Absolute Control

Take remote action to remediate endpoint risks immediately, regardless of user or network status, based on the insights and alerts provided by our solution.
All Absolute Visibility features+
  • Remote device freeze with custom message
  • Selective and custom data delete, including full secure data wipe
  • Geofences to detect when any device leaves the authorized area

Absolute Resilience

Ensure application integrity, assess your data risk, protect your sensitive information, and gather precise insights or remediate endpoint vulnerabilities on demand or at scale.
All Absolute Control features +
  • Zero-touch remediation of your critical apps
  • Automated scans for at-risk, sensitive data
  • Custom query or remediation workflows, with confirmed execution

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