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Asset Intelligence

Track and Manage All of Your Devices, Data, and Apps

Prove compliance, reduce asset losses, and drive efficiency

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Step back. See the whole picture.

Technology has enabled businesses to become unbounded. Today, your assets may be anywhere and your data compromised without your knowledge. Absolute is embedded in your devices' firmware at the factory, giving you unrivaled protection and control. This digital tether creates an unbreakable grip on every device, streaming asset intelligence into a single cloud-based console. With Absolute, you’re able to pinpoint exposures, track missing machines, and prioritize actions.

Track, trace, and find lost or stolen devices to identify and reduce risk

  • Locate every device — on and off the network — to reduce security blind spots
  • Prevent data compromise by tracking and capturing lost or missing devices
  • Always know the state of your hardware and software with Absolute’s at-a-glance dashboard
  • Unify data from tool silos and increase your IT teams’ agility
"Even if a perpetrator deletes everything on the hard drive, we know the Absolute agent will simply reactivate and reconnect."
Walter Williams | Desktop Technical Manager and Information Specialist
Cloud Console for Reach Commands
Dashboard Home

Cut costs and create efficiencies

  • Maximize your IT budget by discovering unused software licenses and unnecessary hardware
  • Gain the advantage in true-up negotiations and only pay for what you really need
  • Orchestrate rules, policies, and workflows to harden endpoint security without user disruption
  • Save time spent on audits and reporting by automating inventory, analysis, and compliance benchmarks
"Absolute saves us time, effort and money, allowing us to pay for the product licenses we have, not for what we speculate we have."
Roger Fultz | General Manager

Remove security exposures before they become exploits

  • Reach across your global endpoint population to locate and remediate broken or disabled security controls
  • Verify configurations, apps, and agents such as SCCM, BitLocker, AV tools, and VPN solutions
  • Combine devices, data, users, and apps to get a 360-view of interconnected risks
  • Evaluate attack paths and exposures and never lose grip on your devices
"We use Absolute to protect all of our devices including those in our innovation and design departments."
Ben Snyder, Endpoint Operations Analyst
Dashboard Home
Data at-risk dashboard

Uncover compliance failures and security risks across devices, data, users, and apps

  • Normalize security controls for Windows and mobile platforms into a single compliance assessment
  • Benchmark endpoints against security frameworks — CIS, HITRUST, ISO, NIST — to enhance cyber hygiene and resilience
  • Quantify risks by discovering sensitive data hidden on local drives and cloud storage apps
  • Validate data protection and regulatory hardening standards, such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, or SOX
"If a device is lost or stolen, Absolute is a lifeline. If we are concerned about the information on it, we remotely delete it."
Brad Myrvold | Manager Desktop Technology

Features and Editions

Choose the edition that’s right for your organization. We would be happy to walk you through the options. Call us at 1-877-600-2295

Absolute Visibility

See all devices, on and off your network, and collect hundreds of hardware, software, security, usage, and geolocation data points automatically, including historical logs.
  • Self-healing, persistent connection to every device
  • Automated inventory, compliance checks, security status reports, and alerts
  • Device usage analytics

Absolute Control

Take remote action to remediate endpoint risks immediately, regardless of user or network status, based on the insights and alerts provided by our solution.
All Absolute Visibility features+
  • Remote device freeze with custom message
  • Selective and custom data delete, including full secure data wipe
  • Geofences to detect when any device leaves the authorized area

Absolute Resilience

Ensure application integrity, assess your data risk, protect your sensitive information, and gather precise insights or remediate endpoint vulnerabilities on demand or at scale.
All Absolute Control features +
  • Zero-touch remediation of your critical apps
  • Automated scans for at-risk, sensitive data
  • Custom query or remediation workflows, with confirmed execution

Learn more about Absolute's management and security controls for all of your endpoints

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