Enriched asset intelligence, automated endpoint hygiene, and continuous compliance.

The advent of a mobile workforce. Ever-increasing threats from malicious or negligent behavior. Continuously evolving compliance requirements — both regulatory and internal.

In this new reality, endpoint protection — for devices, and the data and applications they contain — is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s an essential layer in your cybersecurity tech stack.

When you choose Lenovo, that protection is already in place. Because every commercial device features Absolute Persistence™ embedded in the Lenovo firmware, for unbreakable endpoint visibility and control.

With the Absolute platform, you can easily manage your devices, protect your data and applications, and ensure compliance — from a single, cloud-based console.

Stay connected with every Lenovo device — on or off your network

Know where your laptops, tablets and desktops are, which data they contain, and how that data is being accessed, managed, shared and disposed of.

Ensure the integrity of your technology stack

SCCM, antivirus, encryption anti-malware — any application you rely on, security-related or otherwise — remains in-place, patched, and functioning as intended.

Protect your entire Lenovo inventory

Absolute Persistence is already embedded in the firmware of Lenovo devices — ones you’re purchasing today and ones you already own. All you have to do is activate it.

Contact your Absolute Lenovo specialist to find out how.



Don’t see your model listed? A BIOS Flash or firmware update may be available for Lenovo. Contact us and we’ll let you know.