Absolute Secure Access Provides Network Visibility and Seamless User Experience For Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water Boosts Productivity with Absolute Secure Access

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Yorkshire Water is a water supply and treatment utility company, serving the Yorkshire county in Northern England.

The Story

The Need For Improved Mobile Connectivity

Yorkshire Water’s 1,800 field technicians respond to water delivery and quality issues such as water discoloration and burst pipes. The technicians responsible for this region of over five million residents rely on mobile connectivity to access schedules, maps, pipe location data, telemetry feeds, and more. Rather than helping this mobile workforce, the utility’s legacy VPN of 15 years offered no troubleshooting tools and provided no visibility into whether issues originated on a device, the network, the software, the modem, or the SIM card. The organization needed a new solution, but management also demanded that the transition avoided disrupting business.

Security Needs

Powerful Visibility
and Improved

Seamless User

Enhanced Business

"The diagnostic tools are particularly strong. It gives us a coverage map, by device, by 2G/3G/4G, and a view of connectivity across the whole area."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Providing Seamless Connectivity for Remote Workers

Ultimately, Yorkshire’s transition from the previous VPN to Absolute Secure Access incurred no negative impact. Tech support now has full visibility into its devices, coverage areas, and user engagement. The IT team finds the system easy to maintain and patch and appreciates the system’s resiliency and capacity for expansion. Most importantly, the field technicians and business users now have uninterrupted, seamless connections with a single login, whether they’re using third-party Wi-Fi, 4G, or at home.

Improving Troubleshooting and Support With Enhanced Visibility

With full visibility into devices, network traffic, and coverage areas, the support team is able to handle all front-line resolutions. They use Absolute Secure Access tools to track technicians’ locations and monitor device health. The system offers a full inventory of devices, providing modem and firmware information.

"We put Absolute Secure Access in the devices and it just worked. The user experience is massively enhanced. It's opened up a whole new world of connectivity for us."


The Results

Ensuring Business Continuity While Improving User Experience

Absolute Secure Access delivers powerful visibility so support teams can zero in on the root cause of connectivity issues and solve them rapidly. With a single login across any network, the user experience is seamless. After initially deploying with 2,600 licenses to its field technicians, Yorkshire Water now has 10,000 licenses deployed across all employees at the utility, further ensuring business continuity.

For the Yorkshire Water team, Absolute Secure Access:

  • Improves diagnostics and visibility for faster troubleshooting
  • Deploys seamlessly with no impact on business
  • Enhances user experience with seamless support for home and third-party Wi-Fi networks
  • Provides resiliency and failover for the system between Yorkshire water data centers
  • Enhances business continuity throughout all departments

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