Suffolk Construction Track, Manage, and Secure Site Devices with Absolute

Since its foundation in 1982, Suffolk Construction has become one of the most successful, privately-held building contractors in the U.S. The company’s success is a result of passionate and highly-skilled employees, consistently superior performance and exemplary customer service. Suffolk has over 600 laptops used remotely across hundreds of construction sites.

To best manage its multiple work sites, Suffolk provides employees with laptops. As these laptops are largely used remotely, the company required a high-tech tool to accurately inventory and manage an off-network, field-based fleet. Additionally, Suffolk sought a reliable theft recovery solution, as notebook theft proved a costly occurrence.

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Physically tracking, managing and securing devices that are off the network is a difficult task. Combine this with a dispersed workforce and across construction sites that are a high target for theft.


Absolute has helped streamline the company’s inventory process, and minimize the high costs of device theft. Robert Umenhofer, Suffolk’s Desktop Support Team Lead, states that Absolute is a “tremendous aid” when keeping tabs on remote devices and estimates that the product provides “a nearly 100% accurate picture of where our computers are located and who is using them”. He explains that IT efficiency has increased as a result, and there is no longer the need to visit individual jobsites to track down a given machine. Umenhofer considers an investment in Absolute as a “no brainer.” Suffolk construction uses Absolute to maximize their device investment.

With Absolute, I can identify and locate our entire computer fleet in a matter of minutes, without leaving the office… [Absolute] has really helped us to get a handle on our inventory, and definitely saves a lot of time.

Robert Umenhofer
Desktop Support Team Lead
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