Sound Physicians Protect Sensitive Data with Absolute Secure Endpoint

Using Absolute, Sound Physicians Improves Asset Management

Sound Physicians tackles the challenges of a fragmented U.S. healthcare system by partnering with hospitals to drive change, overcome challenges, and improve patient outcomes. With more than 3,000 professionals, they are a physician-funded and led organization that provides services across the acute episode of care — from emergency medicine, critical care, hospital medicine, telemedicine, and physician advisory services.

The Story

Keeping Sensitive Patient Data Safe and Compliant

Sound Physicians operates medical clinics across the U.S. and employs healthcare workers in various other medical settings, including hospitals. With a small, centralized IT team responsible for managing more than 1,700 devices with a vast amount of protected health information (PHI) stored on them, asset management was a significant challenge. For improved visibility and control over remote endpoints that routinely handle sensitive patient data protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sound Physicians turned to Absolute Secure Endpoint.

Security Challenges




"Absolute Secure Endpoint gives us a single source of truth. It gives us a footprint on every device; we implement it on every endpoint before it leaves our office, so we can find them, no matter where they go."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Increased Visibility Across Entire Device Fleet

While securing and managing devices was already a challenge, the complexity increased exponentially when the pandemic hit, and healthcare workers began working from home. Leveraging Absolute Secure Endpoint, Sound Physicians gained an always-on digital tether to every device, enabling them to track all devices and freeze or even wipe them when needed.

Geolocation Capabilities Ensures Devices and Data Are Protected

With employees continually handling a vast amount of PHI, the ability to see and manage devices was critical. The company is able to use the geolocation and geofencing capabilities of Absolute Secure Endpoint to ensure that any device that travels outside of the U.S. immediately gets flagged. Sound Physicians is also working toward its HITRUST certification, and insights within the Absolute console provide them with the information they need easily and quickly.

"Absolute is so much better than the majority of vendors that we talk to."


The Results

Improved Asset Management Helps Support IT Teams

The dashboard information Absolute Secure Endpoint provides has also been helpful for internal conversations, enabling executives to easily see if a device is encrypted and up to date. It also supports IT in the case of employee turnover; if someone leaves the organization, IT can freeze the device to encourage its return.

For Sound Physicians, Absolute Secure Endpoint:

  • Provides an always-on digital tether to every device, enabling them to track, freeze, or wipe them
  • Ensures that any device that travels outside of the U.S. immediately gets flagged with Absolute’s geolocation and geofencing capabilities
  • Aids Sound Physicians in HITRUST certification efforts

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