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Absolute enables personalized learning at Loudoun County Public Schools by minimizing risk and increasing device utility.

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is the third largest school division in the Commonwealth of Virginia. They serve more than 78,000 students in 89 facilities, operating 15 high schools, 15 middle schools, 57 elementary schools and 3 special purpose schools. Established in 1870, LCPS is located in the rapidly growing Washington metro-area. Each year, approximately 2,500 new students enroll in their schools, and one to three new school facilities are opened to accommodate them.

In the past, every classroom had a desktop computer but teachers did not have their own laptop. Such configuration was unmanageable, making meetings and collaboration difficult and reducing productivity and versatility. The district decided to start a new personalized learning program and moved away from desktops, replacing them with tens of thousands of laptops in order to add productivity to their devices. Teachers can now move around freely and take them home or to conferences. Students also use laptops, which gives them mobility around the classrooms based on the instruction.

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Loudoun County Public Schools


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In order to bring this initiative forward, the budget needed to be approved by the board. Demonstrating device utilization rates on and off the school network was required to drive consensus that teachers did need to have a laptop and take them home, and that students were intensively using their laptops in the classroom. Additionally, even though in the past some desktop computers were occasionally stolen, laptops were obviously more vulnerable to theft and security was required on the device to protect the new investment.


Absolute allowed LCPS to provide the board with quantitative information on device utilization rates right away. It was proven that teachers did see value in having their own laptops and they were using them both in the classroom and at home.

However, LCPS teachers also need the comfort level that their laptop and any sensitive data on it are protected if it gets stolen. By working closely with Absolute and Dell, LCPS now gets their laptop images to include Absolute. Even if a device is lost or stolen off the loading dock, they can either track it or report it stolen to the Absolute’s investigations team, who will engage with law enforcement bodies to recover it on their behalf.

With Absolute, the security department at LCPS now receives automated alerts on anomalies, so they can focus on reviewing potential security issues and taking action to ensure endpoint protection and privacy. Absolute allows LCPS to remotely manage all devices throughout the district, and to freeze or wipe a device completely whenever necessary.

The implementation of Absolute on their laptops was a turning point for LCPS. For 4 years, they have been able to provide peace of mind with security, privacy and theft recovery, minimizing their risk and increasing the value and utility of their devices.


Enabled personalized learning by switching from desktops to laptops that are protected from the factory and can be used by both teachers and students with more freedom and flexibility.
Providing the board with device utilization rates proved that laptops were needed and computer refresh has been secured for 4 consecutive years
If a device is ever stolen, it can now be tracked and recovered. Privacy and security are also ensured by the ability to remotely manage devices and take action when necessary, regardless of user or location.

We were able to provide the board with quantitative information about device utilization that drives consensus so the budget could be approved, and also peace of mind with security, privacy and theft recovery.

Dr Rich Contartesi
Loudoun County Public Schools

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