Lantum Ensures Compliance and Device Security with Absolute Secure Endpoint

With Absolute Secure Endpoint, Lantum Increases Visibility and Control of their Device Fleet While Improving Compliance Scores

Lantum is a workforce management platform vendor that allows healthcare providers to mobilize their workforce and allow clinicians to work more flexibly. Headquartered in London, U.K., Lantum is on a mission to radically improve how the healthcare industry connects with the workforce to provide better patient care. The Lantum platform uses advanced technology to help healthcare organisations manage their workforce and connect with a large network of healthcare professionals to fill shift gaps.

The Story

Simplifying Asset Management   

With the transition to increased remote work, Lantum required an asset management system that would simplify the process of managing the devices being sent to remote workers, and also the ability to track and locate lost or stolen devices. Lantum also needed a solution that provided control over the device, no matter where the end user was working. Since Lantum works in a cloud-based environment, there were various applications that needed to be installed for users to access. It was imperative to look for a solution that simplified and provided control over managing various scripts to make installation seamless for the end user.

As an ISO 27001-certified company, Lantum must comply with various guidelines when it comes to their IT environment, including device asset management. As part of the governance and audit process, Lantum needs to report on various device insights on an ongoing basis, which became a time-consuming operation. Finding a solution that could simplify this process was a priority to help free up resources to work on other initiatives.

Security Needs

Improves Visibility
and Device Tracking

Achieves and Maintains

Safeguards Devices, Data,
and Applications

"We've been asked for more capabilities to offer greater protection for critical infrastructure and outside threats. With Absolute Secure Endpoint, I feel much more comfortable now that not only do we have the capability that we need today, but we can meet the next set of demands because the solution is capable of that."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Improving Visibility into the Device Fleet  

As a solution, Absolute Secure Endpoint was introduced by Appurity, Lantum’s trusted technology partner. Appurity knew the capabilities of the solution; it could provide the endpoint visibility and control needed over Lantum’s device fleet and allow for a more granular view of the device and applications from a compliance perspective, versus a Mobile Device Management provider.

With the help of Appurity, Lantum went through a seamless implementation and installation process of Absolute Secure Endpoint across its device fleet. This allowed for gradual adoption across the organization, providing Lantum with immediate visibility and control over their devices and what is installed, even with a distributed workforce.

Maintaining Compliance with Robust Reporting  

In addition, Lantum will soon be undergoing their next ISO 27001 audit followed by a renewal of their Cyber Essentials certification. With Absolute Secure Endpoint, Lantum can easily provide the necessary evidence for audit purposes in an efficient and scalable manner.

As a scaling business, Lantum needed a solution that could help reduce some of the workload on their compliance team. Since implementing Absolute Secure Endpoint’s efficient reporting, Lantum’s compliance team has been able to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Safeguarding Devices and Data from Unwanted Threats

Lantum also works closely with the NHS, who have been ensuring their vendors have the solutions in place to protect their critical infrastructure from outside threats. Absolute Secure Endpoint provides Lantum with the confidence to meet not only this need but to also be prepared to meet any future demands. Lantum has contractual obligations where Lantum is scored on various aspects including Cyber Essentials. Absolute Secure Endpoint provides Lantum with the ability to achieve and maintain these scores, making it easier for organizations to easily procure their product.

"We are implementing better processes around how we handle our devices and any issues we may have with them. One of the most beneficial things about Absolute Secure Endpoint is, when we do get to the bottom of some of these recurring problems, we now know we have a solution that is able to script and manage these devices in a much better way."


The Results

Resilient Endpoints and Applications for the Anywhere Workforce

With Absolute Secure Endpoint, organizations can make their endpoints and applications cyber resilient while staying compliant in support of their “anywhere” workforce.

For Lantum, Absolute Secure Endpoint:

  • Provides improved visibility into the device fleet, providing full device tracking to help locate lost or stolen endpoints
  • Efficiently provides a streamlined collection of evidence to help achieve and maintain compliance
  • Helps safeguard devices, applications, and data from unwanted threats

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