Harbottle & Lewis Optimizes their “Work-from-Anywhere” Experience with Absolute Secure Access

Harbottle & Lewis provides secure remote access and reliable connectivity for employees company-wide

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Harbottle & Lewis is a London, UK-based law firm serving media, entertainment, and technology clients for over 60 years. With over 200 employees, their IT strategy needs to support a remote work structure to ensure secure access and reliable connectivity for employees, regardless of where they are.

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"We had zero visibility – we went from one office to 200 remote worker offices. We knew Absolute Secure Access could give us the visibility we needed to improve the remote work experience and provide better support."

Charlie Laing, Head of Information Technology
Harbottle & Lewis

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Guarantee secure remote access for a distributed workforce

What was once a traditional, office-based environment quickly changed for Harbottle & Lewis in 2020 when employees needed to work remotely; the company went from one communal office space to 200 remote offices in days. After undertaking a transformation to the cloud, the organization needed to focus on the end user experience of employees. Their legacy VPN required users to manually connect, and oftentimes, users didn’t realize they weren’t connected, resulting in decreased productivity and in some cases, lost billable hours. In addition, this VPN solution did not provide the level of visibility needed for Harbottle & Lewis’ IT team to accurately diagnose the network issues of their distributed workforce.

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How they did it

Ensuring a reliable and resilient connection

Absolute Secure Access was introduced by Appurity, Harbottle & Lewis’ valued technology partner. Appurity knew the capabilities of the solution; it could assure a reliable and resilient connection, provide visibility into various networks, and overall improve the experience for remote workers. After a successful pilot of Absolute Secure Access, Harbottle & Lewis decided to move forward to replace their traditional VPN solution with Absolute’s solution. The decision was also influenced by the level of support Absolute could provide for a smaller law firm.

Improving user experience

Once implemented, Harbottle & Lewis was able to gain the visibility needed to adequately troubleshoot and diagnose remote workforce issues, including poor connectivity. This improved the overall experience for remote workers, who could carry on without worrying about being disconnected from the network.

"We wanted to focus on the end-users to ensure a seamless experience while they were working from home."

Charlie Laing, Head of Information Technology
Harbottle & Lewis


Fewer support calls = increased productivity

Now that the “work-from-anywhere” concept appears to be here to stay, many law firms are looking to optimize their IT strategy to support and protect their remote workers. With Absolute Secure Access organizations can ensure reliable, resilient network access for their anywhere workforce while actively improving the end user experience.



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