How Fresno Unified School District Manages and Secures 100,000 Device Fleet with Absolute Secure Endpoint

Fresno Unified School District Solves Asset Management Challenges and Reduces Risk with Absolute

Fresno Unified School District (USD) serves more than 74,000 students, from pre-school through grade 12, preparing career-ready graduates through high-quality instruction, services, and resources. The third-largest district in California, they distribute, support, and manage over 100,000 devices across 90 schools.  

The Story

Fast-Moving 1-to-1 Program Support   

Fresno USD’s sense of urgency to account for all devices grew significantly after rolling out a sweeping 1:1 program, which included more than 75,000 devices for students, teachers, and administrators. When the pandemic hit, the district - like so many across the nation - needed to rapidly equip every student for remote learning. And with an additional 25,000 laptops suddenly in the field, remote device management and data security took on even greater importance.  

Security Needs

Fleet Visibility

Device Thefts


"We started using Absolute reporting as a sanity check against our physical inventorying. Now, the Absolute report is our inventory. Some schools would say they had run out of devices, but we knew from the Absolute report that they had hundreds of laptops. We would go room to room at the school site and find them – saving us from buying hundreds of devices we didn’t actually need to purchase."   


The Solutions

How They Did It

Addressing Growing Pains  

Fresno USD originally turned to Absolute Security to track and trace their Windows mobile devices. With Absolute Secure Endpoint uniquely embedded within the firmware of all their laptops, IT could see where they were at any time and remotely lock them if they fell into the wrong hands. But, when the district-owned fleet of devices increased to more than 20,000, it became challenging for IT to maintain an accurate device inventory.  

Activating Absolute’s unique, firmware-embedded connection allowed their IT team to track every laptop’s movement at any time, and remotely lock devices if they fell into the wrong hands.

Visibility and Control of 100,000 Device Fleet  

To monitor, manage, remediate risk, and gather precise insights from across their fleet of more than 100,000 devices, Fresno Unified relies on Absolute Secure Endpoint solutions. Using patented Persistence® technology embedded in the firmware of 600+ million devices, Absolute provides a secure, always-on connection between the endpoint and the Absolute Platform. Absolute Secure Endpoint forges an always-on digital tether to every endpoint.

Because the Absolute Persistence technology is factory-embedded in a device’s firmware, it is highly resilient and can survive any attempt to remove or disable it—and it extends this self-healing capability to critical controls such as VPN, anti-virus, and anti-malware applications. 

Reducing Loss and Remediating Threats

With the power of the Absolute Secure Endpoint solutions, Fresno USD has saved valuable resources, fueled successful remote learning programs, and greatly reduced risk. Absolute provides their go-to report for inventorying, and the ability to remotely track devices—even when they’re off the school network - has helped with effectively managing their budget. 

Of course, ensuring the safety and well-being of their 74,000 students is one of the district’s highest priorities. With Absolute Secure Endpoint providing geolocation details for every device, school officials have helped parents to locate runaway students using location data from school-issued laptops. Lost or stolen devices have also been recovered from various other locations, thanks to the automated message that pops up explaining to the device’s real owner when a machine is rebooted. 

"Absolute continues to innovate and provide the services we need. It’s a long-term partnership, and we look forward to many more years as an Absolute customer."  


The Results

Streamlined Asset Management = More Secure Devices

From device tracking and locating students to making key applications resilient to external factors in the era of remote learning, Fresno USD has seen significant ROI with Absolute Secure Endpoint. The partnership has helped advance major technological initiatives to help teachers be the best they can be during unprecedented times.

 For the Fresno USD team, Absolute Secure Endpoint:

  • Manages and secures a 100,000 device fleet across 90 schools
  • Provides geolocation details for every device, helping for example parents to locate runaway students
  • Enables the IT team to perform configuration and management tasks remotely
  • Allows the IT team to save on valuable resources, helping fuel successful remote learning programs

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