Euromonitor Secures Proprietary Market Research with Absolute Secure Endpoint

Euromonitor Addresses Device Theft and Management Concerns with Resilient Endpoint Controls

Euromonitor International is a leading provider of global business intelligence and strategic market analysis, employing 1,300 people located across 80 countries. Publishing over 17,000 market reports each year covering 27 industries, 200 sub-categories, and thousands of companies, Euromonitor’s reports are widely relied upon globally.

The Story

Ensuring the Security of Research and Data Across Devices

Time is valuable, and at Euromonitor, there was concern about the amount of time IT had to devote to the manual management of its endpoints and the mitigation of risk exposure stemming from stolen laptops and other mobile devices. Ensuring the security of their proprietary market research was a top priority for the company, and the IT team knew they needed a new approach.

In addition to unlocking new efficiencies, the IT team was also in search of a solution that would enable them to define device and application inventory as well as user activity, maintain up-to-date applications on the organization’s device deployment, and track, trace, and remotely wipe sensitive data on at-risk devices, whether they were on or off the corporate network. Their search ended when Euromonitor found Absolute Secure Endpoint.

Security Challenges

Sensitive Data



"We know with Absolute Secure Endpoint we have a tool in place where we can confidently incorporate new technologies, remotely oversee their successful deployment, and maintain their ongoing health in the field."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Remotely Freeze Devices, Anywhere

Euromonitor’s initial interest in Absolute was to address device theft. The company was impressed by the ability of Absolute Secure Endpoint to remotely freeze a device in the event of a security incident and to maintain an always-on connection at all time.

Saving Time With an Asset Management Solution

By working closely with Absolute, Euromonitor discovered that their asset management needs could be satisfied too. “Absolute Secure Endpoint has definitely saved us a lot of time managing our assets and maintaining visibility of them even when they are off the corporate network,” Konigkramer said.

Robust Reporting Helps Verify Software and Endpoint Applications

Absolute Secure Endpoint has helped Euromonitor protect its proprietary research and validate the status of critical software applications. The automated inventory management and reporting capabilities have created efficiencies and cost savings. According to Konigkramer, the customizable reports helped shed light on several inconsistencies within the organization.

“Absolute detected several devices that were operating legacy applications and missing business-critical software,” Konigkramer said. “Once alerted, we were able to respond and correct the situation. This level of visibility has been instrumental in verifying the presence and health of endpoint applications across our entire fleet.”

"Absolute Persistence® technology is such an important capability. It ensures our devices are protected, even if the firmware is updated or the operating system is reinstalled."


The Results

Safeguarding Devices, Data, and Proprietary Research

With Absolute Secure Endpoint, Euromonitor addressed its concerns about device theft and asset management and added another layer of protection around its proprietary research.

For the Euromonitor team, Absolute Secure Endpoint:

  • Helps Euromonitor validate the status of critical software applications that are covered in the Absolute Application Resilience™ catalog
  • Automates inventory management and reporting capabilities, delivering improved IT efficiencies and cost savings
  • Gives Euromonitor the ability to remotely freeze a device in the event of a security incident and maintain an always-on connection at all times

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