Duarte Unified School District Protects Students While Fostering Student Engagement with Absolute Secure Endpoint Technology

Duarte USD Leverages the Capabilities of Absolute Web Application Usage for Insight Into Student Activity

Located in Los Angeles County of California, the Duarte Unified School District (USD) serves the educational needs of 3,400 scholars at the elementary, K-8, and high school levels. The district-wide vision is to produce 21st Century Scholars by providing students with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to be successful in college, career, and life. Because technology is one of those critical skills and a powerful learning tool, Duarte USD already had in place a robust one-to-one computing program for all students in grades K-12.

The Story

Taking Education Online

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit, it forced a new and unexpected learn-from-home environment. Like all school systems, Duarte Unified School District had to make quick decisions about what constitutes effective and efficient web usage.

As Duarte students and teachers transitioned to distance learning, Duarte’s IT team were busy figuring out which applications would be needed, and in what priority, amongst the seemingly countless options. For insight into overall device usage, which applications were being used, how often, and for how long, Duarte USD turned to Absolute.

Security Needs

3400 Students

CIPA Compliant

Safe Remote
Learning Environments

"Given the complexity of the situation, our goal was to make sure all of our students had access not only to devices, but also connectivity to teachers, and access to online curriculum – not only for academics, but also to support social and emotional connections."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Distance Learning Program for All Grade Levels and Families

Fortunately, Duarte scholars in grades 6-12 already had Chromebook™ devices through the district’s one-to-one program, and IT could track and manage them remotely using Absolute Control, which is part of the company’s Secure Endpoint product suite. To fully stand up their distance learning program, Ramos and his small IT team had to quickly get devices into the hands of K-5 scholars while also providing Wi-Fi hot spots to district families who didn’t have connectivity. 

Insights into Device and Web Application Usage

For insight into overall device usage, what online applications are being used, how often, and for how long, Duarte USD turned to Absolute Web Application Usage reporting capabilities. With Absolute Web Application Usage reporting in place, Duarte’s IT leadership can measure how engaged their scholars are with the online curriculum. The reporting also provides detailed insights for Duarte to navigate better learning outcomes by identifying valuable or underused learning resources to build future budgetary plans. The report also highlights risky websites with potential Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance violations, ensuring Duarte school administrators can protect the safety of their students online by fine-tuning their Web filtering policies. 

The Results of Informed Technology Investments

With weekly usage reports, Duarte can now see what apps and Web content scholars are focused on, not simply the websites they have open. Administrators also have visibility into how often and for how long the online learning tools are actually used. These insights have proved invaluable for avoiding freemium software offers that would negatively impact the budget later and optimizing the overall technology program by addressing underutilized online applications.  

"Absolute Web Usage has provided us with much needed insight into how our district utilizes both paid and free applications within our system. The weekly snapshots allow me to dive deeper and investigate websites that have high traffic as well as those websites that seem to have bypassed our web filter. With the addition of multiple fields pulled from the G Suite admin, we can really drill down to the highest priorities at any given time, saving my team valuable time when investigating."


The Results

Transitioning to Distanced Learning

With Absolute in place, the district has gained a clearer picture of device security and application ROI and saves the IT team time without having to sift through tedious web filter data. Absolute and Duarte District have worked together to support scholars, teachers, and administrators to transition to distanced learning.

For the Duarte USD team, Absolute Secure Endpoint:

  • Helps Duarte USD identify valuable or underused learning resources to build future budgetary plans with reporting capabilities of Absolute Web Application Usage
  • Allows the school system to address risky sites that get past the school district’s Web filter
  • Enables Duarte USD to better measure return on investment for online applications based on usage

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