Resilient Security for Asplundh’s Growing Mobile Workforce

Asplundh Uses Absolute Secure Endpoint to Protect its Distributed Workforce, Data, and Devices

International vegetation management enterprise, Asplundh, relies on more than 35,000 service professionals across North America. The nature of their full-service business requires 95 percent of the company’s workforce to be mobile.

The Story

Managing Growing Number of Devices

Asplundh has grown significantly in the past ten years, organically and through acquisition. With such a large distributed workforce, the devices being used also increased and required better protection to harden their endpoint security posture.

This challenge led the IT team to seek a solution to help them see and manage the growing number of devices in their fleet, secure the endpoints that are regularly off the corporate network, and maintain compliance when users disable security tools or install incompatible software.

Security Challenges

Endpoint Security



"As a CIO, Absolute Secure Endpoint gives me peace of mind so I can sleep at night. It has strengthened our security posture, allowing us to stay in compliance and giving us that extra level of comfort."


The Solutions

How They Did It

Increased Visibility Across All Endpoints

By activating Absolute Secure Endpoint on more than 7,000 of their endpoints, Asplundh gained uncompromised visibility across its device fleet.

Safeguarding Applications, Devices, and Data

In addition, if a negligent user or external attacker tries to disable or remove a security application, Absolute Application ResilienceTM technology automatically reinstalls it. When a device is lost or stolen, IT can now track its location to recover it or remotely wipe the data on it.

Self-Healing Applications Minimizes Risk and Ensures Compliance

With Absolute Secure Endpoint, Asplundh can now ensure critical security applications covered in the Absolute Application Resilience catalog have self-healing capabilities on all endpoints, no matter the location, which provides a resilient layer of protection, helping to prevent a security compromise.

"With Absolute, we are able to reach out to our computers and provide new credentials when the user is no longer with us or that user has forgotten them."


The Results

Keeping Devices Safe and Secure, No Matter Where They Are

Just one at-risk device could leave Asplundh vulnerable to both severe brand damage and costly non-compliance penalties. Absolute Secure Endpoint helps them rest easy that their data is secure, no matter where the device is located.

For the Asplundh team, Absolute Secure Endpoint:

  • Makes both hardware and software inventory management easier for Asplundh, increasing its efficiency and accuracy
  • Ensures critical security applications covered in the Absolute Application Resilience catalog have self-healing capabilities on all endpoints, no matter the device’s location
  • Gains better visibility into devices and improved its device recovery and data protection capabilities

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