How Anaheim United School District manages over 39,000 devices with Absolute

Continuous visibility and detailed analytics streamline inventory management, minimize loss, and provide investment ROI

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Founded in 1898, Anaheim Union High School District is one of the largest in California, serving 30,000 students from 21 junior and senior high school campuses across five cities. With over 3,000 faculty and staff, the district is also the city’s third-largest employer.

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"Absolute was so effective, we now use it on all our devices."

Erik Greenwood, Chief Technology Officer
Anaheim Union HSD


How Anaheim USD took learning online

Computers and technology have been a part of Anaheim Union High School District’s college and career-readiness strategy for some time. Even though equipping almost 30,000 students with digital devices is a large investment, the plan came to fruition when a global pandemic forced everyone to stay home.

When COVID hit, schools were forced to shut down as a precaution and their learning modules were flipped upside down. At the same time, a new problem emerged: equipping students with the tools they needed to be able to thrive in a remote learning environment. This is where Absolute came in to help.

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How they did it

Protecting technology investments

Although technology has long been a part of the district’s vision to graduate college- and career-ready students, equipping almost 30,000 of them with digital devices was a sizable investment — particularly 20 years ago. Erik Greenwood has been Chief Technology Officer at Anaheim UHSD for over 16 years and has protected their investment with Absolute’s unbreakable connection to every device from the beginning.

"We started using Absolute when we had a rash of laptop thefts,” says Greenwood. “Because it was so effective, we now use it on all our devices."

Securing remote learning environments

Historically, devices didn’t go home with students, but when the COVID-19 outbreak hit, the district had to transition to a fully remote environment — fast. Greenwood and his team formulated a plan to get technology into the hands of those who didn’t have access at home — quickly configuring 7,000 Chromebooks and 2,000 mobile hotspots for families in need.

With every student now learning from home, maintaining visibility and control was a priority. Says Greenwood, "We went from managing the District's network to managing everyone's network in the District."

From loss prevention to learning outcomes

With Absolute, Anaheim UHSD is able to track and manage every device that’s checked out, even if they leave the school network. Granular analytics provide detailed geolocation info and 100s of other data points, including device, web, and application usage.

"We have a heightened attention on what brings our students and school value," Greenwood said. "With Absolute, we were able to support the increased adoption of our learning management system from 30% to 100% during the pandemic."

"Our devices are an asset, and we need to protect them. Absolute is highly valuable to us in this capacity."

Erik Greenwood, Chief Technology Officer
Anaheim Union HSD


While the original goal was loss prevention, today Anaheim UHSD relies on Absolute for much more. Comprehensive visibility and control allows them to best leverage their assets, and tracking inventory and device usage remotely has become the new normal.

"As you can imagine, our school board is keenly interested in how students are equipped with technology,” Greenwood said. “With Absolute, we know."


Anaheim USD relies on Absolute for:

Asset Intelliegence

Remote asset management

Absolute maintains unbreakable visibility and control over every device, on- or off-network.


Data and device security

Precise geolocation and the ability to freeze or wipe devices remotely keeps loss rates down and data secure.

Usage Metrics

Device usage metrics

Granular endpoint data proves the value of learning investments and protects students online.


Make learning safer with Absolute

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