Why Supporting BYOD is Good for Data Security

By: Absolute Team | 7/4/2016

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the rising threat of Shadow IT; how the unsanctioned use of devices, apps and cloud technologies is placing data at risk. For many organizations, BYOD devices fall under Shadow IT. But it doesn’t have to. Shadow IT happens when IT has lost “control” over the data. With the consumerization of IT and the proliferation of devices, BYOD use has grown, often outside the control of IT. Instead of letting BYOD live in the shadows, what if you support it instead?

At Absolute, we believe the key to addressing Shadow IT is to move more of it into the spotlight:

  1. Empower employees with more tools to enable their productivity
  2. Create mobility policies that are clear and relevant
  3. Educate employees about their role data stewardship
  4. Support the use of endpoint devices with technologies that give you visibility and control

Right now, most organizations still struggle with basic BYOD protections such as encryption, authentication and access controls. With the myriad of ways that employees put data at risk on the endpoint, from use of public WiFi, downloading insecure apps, personal cloud use or lost devices, it may seem like enabling BYOD is not a smart idea, but think about it this way: BYOD is happening, whether you’re sanctioning it or not. Shadow IT is prevalent, and growing, across every organization.

Visibility is your key to reducing the risk from Shadow IT. That’s what we do here at Absolute. We shine a light on Shadow IT, giving you the visibility you need through a reliable two-way connection to your endpoints to monitor, assess and respond to security alerts, regardless of user or location. With the new Endpoint Data Discovery (EDD) feature, standard in Absolute Data & Device Security (Absolute DDS), you can automatically monitor for sensitive data, identifying insider threats and responding to endpoint security incidents with remote capabilities such as data delete or device freeze.

So, go ahead, support BYOD! We have your back.

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