Why Employees Are Embracing BYOD

By: Absolute Team | 4/18/2012

According to recent research by Forrester, employees admit they are more than willing to spend their own money on technology to use in the office. In fact, of those surveyed, the average money spent on personal technology for use in the office is $1252.60 on hardware and another $556.90 on software.

The reasons employees are willing to invest their own money become obvious when you dig into the survey. 27% of those surveyed, for example, say they have better technology at home than at work. It's no wonder employees are embracing BYOD policies that allow them to use better technology for their jobs.

According to the survey, 42% of employees currently use their own computer or smartphone for their jobs. However, they are currently doing so 'under the radar', so to speak. 48% shared that they believed their firms would either not approve of using their own devices or would make them stop using them. Clearly, no policies or technologies are in place to detect or monitor outside device use.

If you are looking to embracing the innovation made possible by letting your employees invest in their own technology, call us to learn about how Computrace Mobile and Absolute Manage MDM can help manage your BYOD program. You can also read our recent whitepaper on managing the security and risk of personal devices in the workplace.

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