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Where Are Your Devices?: "Absolute Safe Schools" Program & Data Risks in K-12 Schools

March 09, 2017

Absolute Safe Schools Helps Promote Safe Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship & data security? We can help. Absolute is empowering schools globally to deliver safe, secure, and more productive learning environments. It's critical that our students have the skills and intelligence to compete on the world stage, and that’s why we created the Absolute Safe Schools Program, designed to supplement the protection and insights of our education products.

The Absolute Safe Schools program can help school districts educate users about device safety, teaching students and staff how to avoid scenarios where they may be at risk through best practices and responsible behavior. Our unique program includes workshops and educational materials for students and staff and, combined with our educational products, helps school districts demonstrate public trust and accountability, and helps districts meet Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements for continued e-Rate funding.

How we can help

Our workshops can cover such areas as safe and appropriate conduct on social networking sites, cyberbullying, and how to continue these forms of dialogue around digital activities. We also lead important discussions around device loss and theft, which threaten student safety and create a shortfall of devices for learning.

Create a Safer Learning Environment with Absolute Safe Schools from Absolute

Combined with our persistent Data and Device Security platform and insight from our Student Technology Analytics, we provide true, layered visibility into your data, your devices and how students are using them, and your applications — which can’t be removed or tampered with by an overzealous student or a malicious attacker.

Absolute at SXSWEdu

We’re excited to present at SXSWEdu this year! On Thursday, March 9, I’ll be leading a discussion on how Absolute’s Safe Schools Program has helped tackle student data security, student safety, cyberbullying, and Internet crime.

In the session, on Best Practices in Digital Citizenship, I’ll be sharing some of the insights I’ve gained from working closely with K12 school districts on how to teach digital citizenship not just to staff and students but to parents and the community. Can't be there? We'll have a recap of all our sessions next week. Stay tuned!

Education IT Asset Management

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