When Investigations Uncover Bad People

By: Absolute Team | 6/23/2011

The Computrace Agent installed on your computer maintains regular contact with the Absolute Monitoring Center. The data collected helps IT staff manage the deployed computers. However, in the case of a loss or theft of a computer, we begin collecting additional information that would aid in its recovery.

In some cases, the data we collect will uncover additional crimes. For example, while investigating a laptop theft, we uncovered that child pornography was being placed on the stolen computer. We worked with the proper authorities to share this information and help to apprehend the man responsible.

We are celebrating the approaching recovery of our 20,000th computer by featuring a new recovery story each day to highlight all the different ways our software, combined with our Recovery Team and network of law enforcement officials, can help return lost or stolen computers. Take a look at how we were able to figure out all the details of the crime and how the stolen computer was later being used here.

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