What is EMM? New Video

By: Absolute Team | 5/10/2013

EMM or Enterprise Mobility Management is yet another acronym in the mobile management space (as if there weren't enough already to keep you on your toes). EMM is defined as the people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices in a business environment.

As described in the video above, EMM is an umbrella term that encompasses other mobile management components such as Application Management, Content Management, Email Management and Device Management. So yes, EMM encompasses MDM, if you're trying to keep all the acronyms straight.

Absolute Manage as your EMM Solution

Unlike other offerings that charge separately for mobile content management, or that split mobile application and email management into separate products, Absolute Manage includes all these features in a single solution at a single price. Just one console where you can manage everything.

Using unique smart groups and dynamic policies, administrators only need to manage specific polices, instead of thousands of devices; this is ideal for BYOD environments since it automates the workflow and manages compliance requirements. Another key capability included free of charge is AbsoluteSafe, an app that controls the sharing of sensitive corporate data and information with no reliance on email.

Absolute Manage: we can handle just about any acronym, at no extra charge.

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