Comprehensive Security & Why Self-Healing is Imperative

By: Absolute Editorial Team | 3/24/2017

Traditional strategies for protecting endpoints are failing as attacks increase in relentlessness and sophistication. This reality has elevated the demands on security professionals and requires that organizations adopt new security paradigms that unlock the power of self-healing systems. Here's how...

To stop security breaches at the source, we must become faster at intelligently detecting and responding to threats. In a recent webinar , we explored how self-healing endpoint security gives enterprises the ability to reduce the dwell time of a dark asset, reducing the likelihood of a breach, supported by real-time remediation capabilities that help place IT and security professionals in total command of devices, data, and applications.

The new threshold of comprehensive security

Kim Ellery, Absolute's director of product marketing, talked about how to realize self-healing systems in your own organization, and how to ensure preparedness in the face of evolving threats:

“We see in the news (that) numerous attack vectors are on the rise -- such as ransomware and malware -- but we cannot forget the more ‘mundane’ threat vectors that actually cause an extremely high number of incidents."

Persistent tools for modern-day cyber battles

Application Persistence is a force multiplier in the battle against cyber attackers and insider threats. It gives enterprises and ISVs the power to build more resilient endpoints that self-heal if an application is removed or compromised, and ultimately return the endpoint to an original state of safety and efficacy without IT intervention.

Instead of piling on more security layers, we enable visibility and self-healing capabilities to prevents seeds and respond to emerging threats in real-time. Kim also shared some real-life examples of the power of self-healing in action: See for yourself here, and discover:

  • The demands and limitations of ‘defense in depth’
  • How the erosion of the application layer leads to undetected blind spots in security protection
  • The impact of application blindness on employee productivity
  • How to identify blind spots and potential areas of weakness
  • How to strengthen existing controls with immunity
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