Upgraded to Windows 7? Find out which patches you need

By: Absolute Team | 10/29/2009

Windows users who have been unimpressed by the features (and problems) offered by Vista have been rushing out and buying Windows 7.  The reviews, so far, have been largely favourable but, as is the case with any brand-new version of the software, a large number of vulnerabilities were discovered – 34 to be exact.

In order to address the issues, Microsoft released a record number of patches earlier this month, including the first critical update for the program.

Some of the more serious problems included an SMB (Server Message Block) flaw that allowed attackers to remotely take control over the computer.  That’s pretty serious!

Fortunately, the patches were released before the October 22, 2009 release date for consumers (although, some large businesses have been using Windows 7 since this summer).

If you are concerned or are interested in learning more about the patches, there is a great article on CNet News outlining the vulnerabilities and fixes.  Otherwise, Windows 7 users are advised to visit the Microsoft website to ensure that they have the most recent updates.

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