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Top 3 Apps that Matter Most to IT

October 20, 2016

If you could guarantee the presence of certain endpoint apps, which ones would you pick?

Of all the applications you deploy to your endpoints, which ones matter most? It’s an interesting question, especially when you consider the many risks you face when it comes to securing your endpoints and the data they contain.

Recently at Absolute, we’ve been able to crack this question based on how our customers are using Application Persistence – a new solution that triggers a zero-touch, automatic reinstallation of business-critical apps regardless if a device is off the network and beyond IT’s control.

There were a few surprises, but here’s how things stacked up.


Encryption apps were top of the list. This makes sense given we have plenty of customers who work within highly regulated industries where it’s imperative that they can prove security measures were properly in place prior to a breach or an incident. So it was no surprise that so many customers have signed up to ensure this key software will automatically reinstall if it’s missing from an endpoint.

The top encryption solution so far has been BitLocker with a variety of other encryption applications in the mix.

Asset Management

Although persisting encryption apps is first on the list, reinstalling Asset Management software and making it stick with Persistence is rapidly gaining ground. The most common use case focuses on patch management and the ability of our customers to have consistent access to their endpoints to ensure patches are up to date.

Our customers also want their Asset Management software to self-heal and be present so they can validate the status of other business-critical applications on each endpoint… wherever that endpoint may be. The top Asset Management applications so far include SCCM, Symantec Altiris, Dell KACE, and LANDesk Shavlik.


This one was a bit of a surprise for us but it seems inconsistent VPN access has a direct correlation to productivity and security. In one instance, we had a customer who discovered employees were taking matters into their own hands and devising non-compliant measures to connect and share work because the VPN agent was either not working or no longer installed on their endpoints.

By triggering a zero-touch automatic reinstallation of the VPN agent, employee access to the network has become more consistent with fewer workarounds. The top VPN application to-date is Pulse Secure VPN.

What's On Your List?

Another upside for our customers has been a significant increase in IT productivity since these teams no longer need to spin their wheels locating devices and manually reinstalling business-critical apps. With a zero-touch, automatic reinstallation they can focus on more meaningful work.

Each month we’re onboarding more customers who need Application Persistence to support security and productivity across their deployment. We’ll continue to update the list based on what they care about most. What would be on your top 3 list? Let us know in the comments.

Watch the video for more information.

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