TJX Hacker Was Government Informant

By: Absolute Team | 3/31/2010

We have been following the TJX data breach since it was first discovered. The latest news is that convicted hacker Albert Gonzalez was an undercover informant for the US Secret Service while he was hacking.

Gonzalez was reportedly paid $75,000 a year working undercover for the US Secret Service to inform on bank card thieves. Oh, the irony! This just goes to show you that anyone can be a cyber thief - even people trusted by the government.

The article at Wired goes into more detail about Gonzalez, how he came to be arrested, the topic of paid informants, and conjecture that perhaps being a paid informant reinforced Gonzalez's criminal behavior.

Gonzalez is set for sentencing this week for the breaches. The government is seeking a 25 year prison sentence.

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